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RFB Playback

Hello all.  I am trying to playback sessions recorded with TightVNC on Win2K/XP.  Anyway, through the interface supplied with the TightVNc Java Applet, I can record the sessions; however, I have no discernable way of playing back the file that is exported.

The file that is exported is something like:

and that last number increments by one each time a new session is records (but maybe thats not important).  Any suggestions on what can be used here?  If there are no programs available for a Win32 machine (and I don't want to use Cygwin win conjustion with rfbproxy), does anyone have information regarding the format of RFB files and/or does anyone know of any other programs similar to TightVNC that could still be used in IE.

Thank you and regards,

Dan :->

Dan S.
Thursday, September 11, 2003

A quick google search seems to indicated that rfbproxy is the way to go, and you'll have to use cygwin to compile it.

Good news is, it doesn't look like it takes much (or any) modifications to compile under cygwin.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

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