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Anybody use P.A.D. here?

" PAD is the Portable Application Description, and it helps authors provide product descriptions and specifications to online sources in a standard way, using a standard database format that will allow webmasters and program librarians to automate program listings. "

The Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) is pushing this standard, and it sounds interesting.  But am curious about any feedback from anyone who has used this.  Would it apply to 'Shrink wrapped' software from an ISV company?  Has it helped your marketing?

Friday, September 5, 2003

Association of Shareware Professionals? What is it, 1993 again?

I have an "ISV" and none of our customers, who are lawyers, would be able to tell you what PAD is. Any publication that writes about us gets the information they need by calling us or looking at our web site.

Unless there is some hugely popular directory of software out there that requires entries in this format, why bother?

On the other hand, how much time could it take? Why not just do it?

!El gato es muy gordo!
Friday, September 5, 2003

PAD is great to automate listing your software on download sites. Instead of typing 100 times the same information, just type the URL of the PAD file and it's all.
Some of these sites track the PAD URL for changes. So whenever you release a new version, they automatically update their listing one or two days after.
Apart from this use, I can't tell why PAD files are good for.

Friday, September 5, 2003

I use it for listing on download sites, it does save a lot of effort but it isn't perfect as you always have to enter categories manually.

Tony E
Saturday, September 6, 2003

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