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how to delete linux loader?

Hi everyone,

I have problem unistalling linux loader from my laptop. Here are the chronology:
1. create linux partition and installed mandrake 9.1
2. play around for a while - and I got new pc so I plan to use that PC as Linux desktop, and my laptop as XP only
3. delete linux partition using partition magic and use it to merge with my d: drive

everything is OK except when booting linux loader is still there so I have to choose Windows whenever I reboot. Linux option of course cannot be used anymore because I have deleted the partition.

How to delete the linux loader therefore when I reboot I go directly to WinXP?


Saturday, August 30, 2003

Boot the XP CD, go into the recovery console, and look for the commands that fix the MBR and boot sector (I think they're "fixmbr" and "fixboot", but it's been a while since I've had to use them).

Brad Wilson (
Saturday, August 30, 2003

Yeah, if you happen to have an old copy of MSDOS 6.0+ or PCDOS 6.0+ you might try "fdisk /mbr"

Next time you might also want to consider using the Linux procedure of saving the bytes of your hard drive that contains the MBR.. write it to a floppy.. and restore the original (using an emergency Linux CD) after you get rid of the test linux partition.

Li-fan Chen
Sunday, August 31, 2003

Brad it is Fixmbr  from the MS Knowledge base:

fixmbr device name

Use this command to repair the master boot record (MBR) of the boot partition. In the command syntax, device name is an optional device name that specifies the device that needs a new MBR. Use this command if a virus has damaged the MBR and Windows cannot start.

WARNING: This command can damage your partition tables if a virus is present or a hardware problem exists. Using this command can result in inaccessible partitions. Microsoft recommends that you run antivirus software before you use this command.

You can obtain the device name from the output of the map command. If you do not specify a device name, the MBR of the boot device is repaired, for example:
fixmbr \device\harddisk2

If FIXMBR detects an invalid or non-standard partition table signature, FIXMBR prompts you for permission before rewriting the MBR. FIXMBR is supported only on x86-based computers.

more of this informative informatation is at:;EN-US;314058

A Software Build Guy
Sunday, August 31, 2003

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