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Simple Click

May be you are familiar or you are not.

There is a good site called
(Mozilla, IE, Firebird toolbar available)

Interface is simple. Once you like to the site, you can rate (good or bad) and eventually it gets entered in their database and then you can randomly access one by one site on a given topic.

I like the idea that human test/preferences are quickly captured to see collectively good things.

1. What type of intelligence this is considered.

2. This is very simple interface ( A Click)  what can be achieved via a single click?. Any other  interesting thing which  can be achieved this way?

3. There are other interfaces as well.
A. Two Click ...
B.  Dropdown/ Click
C.  Radio Button/ Click
D.  Checkboxes / Click

4. Little Advanced.. (Text based)..
  Entering a word,

I would like interesting ideas.


Friday, August 29, 2003

How is this different from google's pagerank and its open-source directory it employs?

Mickey Petersen
Friday, August 29, 2003

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