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Restaurant billing software

Perhaps this is off-topic, so apologies in advance.

Can anyone recommend a restaurant billing and inventory management software package that's usable and doesn't cost a fortune? (<=$500)

I've found many through Google, but oh gosh they've got terrible interfaces. Absolutely terrible. One even had dialog boxes that needed you to click an "Edit" button before you could modify information and then a "Save" button before you could press the "OK" button. I kid you not.

Just Sir (Master to you)
Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Edit button: "Begin Transaction."
Save button: "End Transaction."

Seems simple to me.

Who do I make the cheak out to...


Wednesday, August 27, 2003

No clue. But someone on might know.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Edit buttons aren't uncommon in accounting and similar applications, you really don't want mistaken input.

If there's separate Save and Ok buttons then you may find that the form is navigational as well, though personally in that case I'd call it Close rather than Ok.

Simon Lucy
Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Gee, a restaurant inventory and billing system for less then $500?? And it is good? How the heck is that company going to even pay for a good developer, and keep the product up to date at that price? Are you talking about a product with real people and real support?

And you are wondering why you can't find anything?

Do you think that NO ONE HAS ever come up with the idea of a Restaurant system? There is a zillion restaurants in every City.

Fact is, if you can’t find something at that price then that is because the market does not exist at that price! This should be just so obvious.

Why can’t I find a really nice meal at that restaurant for $1.25? The reason is that at that price the restaurant will not make money. Clearly the size of the market, and the cost of delivering a software product to that industry does not exist at $500. Either the owners will state that the price is too high at $500, or they can manage using some Excel spread sheets, or in fact the restaurant does not have a computer.  Whatever the reason is, it is a no sale.

At $500, the cost of maintaining, developing and selling into that market does not exist.

You could certainly take a look a quickbooks or even Simply accounting and see if they include any templates for restaurants. I believe both of those packages can also do inventory. That would be my first look

After that, I can't imagine much luck.....

I just had consult with company looking for a product (not in the restaurant industry). I told them that it cost a min of about $30,000 to start developing such a system. They nearly flipped out. They hunted around and found a company that makes a very nice system. However, the only catch is that system ran on Oracle, and would cost $10,000 PER YEAR to use! (that is after paying the Oracle fees for the server).  I explained to them that the cost of the developers, the marketing people, and maintaining of their software would easily cost that much per year.

$10,000 is needed by that company to create and maintain and offer good service and support people. If you want good company behind the product, this stuff costs!

The price of software is not some weird number chosen at random as so many people think.  The cost of software is going to be based on the market size, and the cost of delivering the software to that market.

There is no question that some price break through can occur in some industries. Quicken, and QuickBooks is real nice example of this.  Even with products like quickbooks, marketing and advertising makes %40 of the cost of that product. Between the distribution channels etc, it is hard go.

If lowering that $4000 system for the restaurant to $2000 would more then double sales, then that would happened quite a long time ago.

Albert D. Kallal
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Albert D. Kallal
Monday, September 1, 2003

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