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windows server with synchronisation feature?

I'm doing an access database program that utilises replication. Are there any windows server accounts out there where it will allow me to configure synchronisation of the db on the server?.
Any feedback would be much appreciated, thankyou in advance.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

When the db daemon is running your database instance in memory will have locked your database from modification (preventing updates by a synchronization process).. so live synchronization by the windows operating system shouldn't be possible. If anything you'll have to use SQL Server Enterprise or something to that DB synchronization going.

That being said, if you want you can do a batch job, turn off your db instance, copy the MDB files manually (or using a scheduled wscript job) onto mirrored machines, and restart the db instances. This is basically only great if you are trying to distribute read-only dbs and write to a single read-write possible database.

Or am I just crazy?

Li-fan Chen
Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Windows Server synchronization is best for files that are rarely locked. In the case of a web server it's the HTML files and the ASP files. Database files are always locked as long as the databased-backed website access them (which is all the time) and as long as the database instance (daemon, server in memory, whatever you call it) is running. So you'll have to turn off your website and database server because making backup/replication of the database files. Once you are done you can restart the server. Problem is you won't be synchronizing with the Windows Server synchronization tools with these database files. If these files are HUGE (hundreds of megs) you'll want to use some tool similar to rsync (an old un*x favorite ported to windows). If they are small, there is robocopy from the Windows Resource Kit (downloadable from the net).

If you don't do this ass dumb procedure you'll corrupt the file and lose billions of Karma point and never make it into DBA heaven.

Li-fan Chen
Wednesday, August 27, 2003

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