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VSS and CVS interaction?

My company has been contracted to do some work on a project that uses VSS on the client's end. Our shop, being primarily Linux development, uses CVS. In any case, we have some somewhat byzantine procedures for managing the two.

We can't just use VSS internally here, because we don't have that many windows machines; this is why we work on a CVS tree, and then bulk-merge multiple CVS commits painfully.

Have any of you guys had similar experiences?  Do you know of any products that could be useful to make this a bit easier?

Mike Swieton
Monday, August 18, 2003

Depending on which way you want to go, there are some people working on SCC front end's to CVS. This is the protocal that VSS uses and should be able to integrate with tools such as VS.NET.

Monday, August 18, 2003

why is the process byzantine? any time you have two systems it's going to be complex. do you care what's in the client's system beyond the end result?

why not make 'drops'? Do all your work in your system, then every so often 'ship' the results to a client--make a build, take a snapshot of the source, label it, and 'drop' the whole thing. then check it in there. of course, add/rename/etc will be more difficult than just changes, but you should be able to script the process (cvs log tells you what's added). vss does have command line tools.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Thanks for the input

mb - I realize that tying the two together isn't going to be pretty; I was rather hoping that someone, somewhere, had tried to use these two systems in particular and had a product I could drop in between to make things easier. Unfortunately, we can't bill the client thousands for just integrating the build process, or I'd be automating it more already 8-}

Mike Swieton
Tuesday, August 19, 2003

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