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fao Bill Rayer - Lingo Manifest Problem


I've sent you lots of mails, but you don't seem to be getting them.

I found the problem with the manifest:

processorArchitecture="X86"  is missing from the assemblyIdentity tag.  The one manifest that did work missed out the assemblyIdentity tag altogether.  It seems that you can miss it out, but when you use it the processorArchitecture attribute is compulsory.

Adding the attribute to manifests created by Lingo allow them to run properly.

The dll you sent made no discernable difference.

Is my mail getting filtered out because my Sent From and Reply To addresses don't match?

Ged Byrne
Saturday, August 16, 2003

Hi Ged

Thanks for posting here - I appreciate the trouble you took. The email problem is something weird with my hosting service - it shouldn't matter that you have different Sent from and Reply to addresses. Anyway the email client still shows headings of emails that it thinks is spam, so if it was filtering your emails I would still see the headings.

What happened before was that had another user 'bill' and the emails were getting sent to him regardless of the domain name. They supposedly fixed this about a week ago. I'm wondering whether are capable of organizing hosting properly.

I'm really sorry about this - it is very annoying.

Anyway, thanks for checking the manifest and the DLL. The reason I skipped processorArchitecture="x86" from the assemblyIdentity tag because it (processorArchitecture) is optional according to the SDK ( ) However your tests show it has to be used so I'll change the compiler to include it. It's interesting the DLL made no difference - the call to InitCommonControls() was not required then. I've never found any satisfactory explanation of why it had to be called.

Also I think assemblyIdentity *is* always required - this is for the EXE itself.

I've also added a compiler option (Tools-Options-Compiler) to suppress the manifests. This is of limited use though, since if you can't run the compiler you can't turn them off!

Thanks for the feedback - it is appreciated.

Regards, Bill

Bill Rayer
Monday, August 18, 2003


Interesting.  The docs definately say its optional, but unless I add the the tag to my manifest, the code won't run.

I wonder if this is true of anybody elses computer.

Looking forward to the next version.

Ged Byrne
Monday, August 18, 2003

There are some weird manifest issues which I've never seen answered properly. Eg why the need for the call to InitCommonControls (it's a stub, all it does is bind statically to the comctl DLL) , documentation of the errors that can occur etc.

Putting that aside, I've changed the compiler so it always includes the processorArchitecture="x86" attribute when it creates the .manifest file. This should fix them.

I might even download a wacky theme and re-do the screenshots!

I hope to have a new download by the end of August. The main compiler improvements are to generate VERSIONINFO resources (so you can right-click EXEs in explorer) and improved versioning. Lingo EXEs have to allow that there could be different versions of the runtime DLLs loaded. I'm doing this by disambiguating WNDCLASS names and DLL names with the version details. Eg the runtime DLL could be Lingo.1.0.0815.dll and this could then coexist with any other versions of Lingo

This should avoid all DLL hell / framework hell problems.


Bill Rayer
Tuesday, August 19, 2003

PS: I've had about 96 zone alarm alerts in the last 10 minutes: (ICMP Echo Request ('Ping'))

Is that the msblaster worm? Hopefully it's trying to get in not out :)

Bill Rayer
Tuesday, August 19, 2003


I spent last night get all the latest updates for XP, what with Blaster Worms out there I thought It might be a good idea.
One of the benefits of the 57meg download is that Lingo now works fine.  Compiled Exes work fine without having to touch the manifest.

It would seem that the manifest problem was actually a bug in XP, which has now been fixed.

Ged Byrne
Tuesday, August 26, 2003

(please see email)

Bill Rayer
Tuesday, August 26, 2003

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