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Dynamic to Basic

Hi All!

Could anyone tell me how to resize dynamic drive? I am running very low on space on my system partition and that is a big treat right now.

Please, advice.


Mike McSheere
Thursday, July 17, 2003

Might not be excatly what you are looking for...try SuperCleaner by SouthBaySoftware

Prakash S
Thursday, July 17, 2003

Dear Mike

I have no idea what "Dynamic to Basic" means, so I might completely miss your point. I appologise in advance.

I also do not know what you mean by "resize dynamic drive", but I assume you might mean "resize drive dynamically."
I justify that because you say that your system is running low on disc space, and you like it very much, so I gather you want to resize your disc to an even smaller size, whereby getting even lower on disc space, without losing the data that is currently on it. Hence the "resize drive dynamically."

I am glad to tell you you do not have to resort to such a risky procedure. In order to decrease disc space even further, you can simply select a fairly large file, and copy that a few times, until you consider it enough.

Personally I don't see how you consider this a treat, but to each his own I guess ...

Practical Geezer
Thursday, July 17, 2003

A "dynamic" drive is a Windows term, introduced I believe in Windows 2000. If you want to do software RAID on a drive, it must be converted from "basic" to "dynamic".

I have no idea whether the usual suspects (like Partition Magic) will act appropriately with a dynamic drive.

Brad Wilson (
Thursday, July 17, 2003

Dear folks,

Thank you for all your suggestions, greatly appreciated.

Yes, Dynamic Disk is a kind of software RAID which allows joining one or more physical drives like hardware RAID does. Microsoft has embedded this solution into Windows 2000 systems and advertised this feature as well. I beleived this will improve the performance of my system and converted my drives to dynamic. I have recently noticed, that I am running very low on space on system partition (I run my own home network ftp server). However, there appears to be no ability to resize the partitons as well as convert my drives back to basic. I own PQ Partition Magic, but it refused to recognize my dynamic drive. I wrote to their support but no one was listening. I am very disappointed since I spent my money on their software and they ignore all my requests. Now I am looking for another solution which will be able to help me in least, converting them back to basic!

Please, sorry for a long postage and thank you for your valuable time!

Mike McSheere
Thursday, July 17, 2003

Dear Mike,
                Fromthe Partition Magic FAQ

---"4.  Q: Does PartitionMagic 7.0 support Dynamic Disks?

    A: No, PartitionMagic does not support Dynamic Disks.---"

Stephen Jones
Friday, July 18, 2003

Dear Stephen,

Thank you for your post, much appreciated.

Unfortunately there is no way back using the Disk Management console. Microsoft says that they do not offer such a solution either. I have found that Paragon offers Partition Manager which can convert my drives back to basic and resize the partitions. I have emailed their support and they immediately replied in positive. Well, I will buy it and let you know what happens. At least, their support team is not like as PQ's - it seems everyone died there.

Mike McSheere
Friday, July 18, 2003

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