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e-tax software from the ATO

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) releases a program each year for people to download to do their tax called e-tax.

I have used it for the past three years as it is more convienient than going to a tax agent.

It did seem to be a bit better this year, but there were signs of sloppiness - such as instructions telling you to press the "stop" button when it has been replace by a "more" icon for help.

Has anyone had similar experience with "government developed" software?


Wednesday, July 16, 2003

The ATO web site itself is very very poor.

ATO have an outsourcing deal with EDS, so much of their software is developed by EDS. I myself am working on a project for the NSW state government via a consulting/outsourcing firm.

Walter Rumsby
Wednesday, July 16, 2003

I've liked the ATO software in previous years, but haven't finished doing my tax this year yet so I cannot comment so much on the new software. My friend had issues when it wouldn't allow him to send his return off to the ato but I'm not sure if or how he resolved it though.

On the other question, the ato software is the only govt created applications which I use afaik.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

I get the feeling that EDS runs the tax business of the entire West.

And its not a good feeling, either.

Simon Lucy
Thursday, July 17, 2003

"Poor" doesn't really begin to cover it. Try finding some really basic information like personal income tax rates in less than 15 clicks (oh, it's probably only(!) five or six clicks away, but you'll have to run around in circles a few times before you find it).

A lot of our government sites seem to be like that: the electoral commission site is divided up into sections headed "What", "Who", "How", "When", and "Why" -- the latter being a bloody good question...

The e-tax application has always given me that vaguely flaky, "I'd better be careful where I click or it might crash" impression. It just *looks* unreliable.

Adam Fitzpatrick
Friday, July 18, 2003

Of course, having said that, I go to the ATO site and they've redesigned it, and the example I mentioned is exactly two clicks away from the home page. So far it looks a hell of a lot better.

Adam Fitzpatrick
Friday, July 18, 2003

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