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How to get database work from company?

I have 2 years experience, and I am on my second job,
(first one they had to let me go for business reasons).
I started around 3 months back in the second job.
Strangly enough, so far in my 2 years of coding experience,
I havn't worked yet with a database backend system.
My first job was working on a CAD like modelling system, where I did a lot of VC++/OpenGL work, with API development and geometrical modelling, where the model was saved in a flat file.Second time around just completed a project in Java for text data mining.
I have done a lot of algorithm development (3D,2D, data mining algorithms for classification,clustering, text manipulation), but yet to lay my hands on a database backend system.
Would that be a complete negative on my resume?
Should I request my current employer to give me database work?

Friday, July 11, 2003

Anon - It will only be a negative if you see yourself looking at positions that require database experience.  I believe you should expand your knowledge base as much as possible.  However...

Given 2 years of experience, it is better to be focused.  While you have fewer choices for your next position, you increase your chance of getting it by being consistent. 

Short answer -- Don't worry, be happy, continue to gain experience, then diversify.

Mike Gamerland
Friday, July 11, 2003

You can always come up with a database project to work on at home with free tools like MySQL (a CD database, weblog software, whatever).    Then once you think you're comfortable with it, suggest a small project to your boss to use your newfound skills (like an issue tracking database).

a different anon
Friday, July 11, 2003

A lot of people here are fans of Philip Greenspun, author of one of the nicest Web authoring books out there. He has written it to suggest and implement many fun examples of database-backed websites. Maybe you can take some of those ideas and try to build your own databased backed website using one of the popular web toolkits on the market (PHP, ASP, .Net, mod_Perl). You'll need more books though for the specifics, but this is a good book to help you start thinking about SQL and database backed business logic without getting all nervous.

-- David

Li-fan Chen
Friday, July 11, 2003

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