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summer slowdown

The sales of our software product have slowed significantly, like they do every summer.

One solution to this would be to run promotions - like temporary price cuts, or something like that.

They seem to be pretty effective for increasing sales.

I have also noticed that a lot of companies do promotions in the summer.

However, what I wonder, and have always wondered, is:

Is it worth it to make the promotions in the summer, and increase sales, or it is more efficient (from an earnings point of view) to make the same promotions in the autumn and winter, when people are already buying, and get them to buy even more?

John K.
Friday, June 27, 2003

I would expect the answer depends very much on your situation.  What is the product?  Is there significant competition?  Who are the customers?

Scott Stonehouse
Friday, June 27, 2003

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