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Has anyone else had this problem in VS.NET?

Hello All,

I’m using VS.NET 2003 Enterprise Arch. I am working on a small (15 forms) VB.Net project. On only some of my files, if I am editing them and I run the project, they stop automatically formatting my code and underlining the misspelled/invalid sections. If I hit ctrl-k then ctrl-D to format the document it does it, but just the once. Intellisense still works, but things like the automatic “End If’ being added when an If is written don’t. This also only seems to affect some of my files, and not others.

I can’t find any settings to control the automatic formatting for VB code. This is very frustrating loosing such a valuable time-saver. Give me a lot of respect for people in the old days before such coding aids.

The only thing web searches found was this article: that demonstrates that “Any code in VS.NET that uses a comma-list to define an array of object parameters will kill IntelliSense for all code following the definition”.

I didn’t think this was it, since my intellisense is still working, but just in case I commented out the few lines where I was doing this in two or three forms (not the forms I had the problem on), restarted VS and the problem was unaffected by it.

Does anyone know what may be causing this and if so, how to rectify it?



Thursday, June 19, 2003

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