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Microsoft are definitely with you on this on, Joel.  They bought out a big chunk of Connectix for this very purpose.  "Microsoft Virtual Server" is on the way.

I read a theory somewhere that the goal was to get all the corporations still running crumbly old, but mission-critical and NT4-compatible, systems to upgrade to shiny new multi-processor boxes running shiny new Win2003 licenses, with multiple virtual servers taking the place of the old NT machines.

You can get a pre-beta "Customer Preview" by going to and use 'vspreview' as your Guest ID.  I've been playing with it, and it has some very nice features (not least that you can slice and dice your processors between virtual machines on a multi-processor box)


Wednesday, June 4, 2003

While I assume Microsoft has the same idea as Joel to purchase the Connectix virtual server business in order to "provide" customers with more advantages, I think the REAL reason behind the acquisition is simple - to sell more server licenses.

With the server market you only sell one lincese per server, and hope people will upgrade the next time round. But with virtual servers - bingo! they can let buy and install as many licenses as they see fit, thus bypassing vendors like IBM, HP and Dell completely.

The ever more tight anti-competitive regulations and the everlasitng legal battles must have cost Microsoft millions, if not billions. Without the muscules to tie vendors to licenses as in the DOS era, virtual servers would be the perfect way to eliminate this hardware dependency.

Lawrence Mak
Thursday, June 5, 2003

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