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Tracking Software Development

What tools do you use for tracking software development?

I'm managing a team of seven developers.  We are using Bugzilla (sorry Joel) for both defect and enhancement tracking.  I am also using Excel to track hours, timelines, etc... 

The reason I ask is I'm spending several hours per week on Excel maintenance and wondering what a better solution might be.

Scott Rogers
Wednesday, June 4, 2003

(Shameless plug.)

I wrote an application to replace the Excel spreadsheets I was using. You can find it at

Tim Sullivan
Wednesday, June 4, 2003

For bugtracking, I'd recommend or - similar to Bugzilla, but much easier to install/admin. For tracking hours - I'm just trying out Painless ...

- Roland
Wednesday, June 4, 2003

If you like Python (and even if you don't) there's a very good issue manager called roundup at

It's cleaner and better documented than bugzilla or mantis or the other apps suggested above, supports embedded databases (meaning you don't have to install MySQL like for bugzilla), and it has very useful features like automatic mini-mailing lists for single issues.

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Thanks for the input!

Scott Rogers
Wednesday, June 4, 2003

For defect/request/time tracking I would dream of a tool with 4-5 interfaces:

- one living inside Eclipse, so the Java development can be captured
- one living inside Visual Studio .NET so the VB.NET and C# guys are happy
- One Web-UI for the customers (like fog creek + time management)
- One Windows GUI with strong import/export functions for the admin and project manager.

Anybody come across something (or a subset) of that?

Stephan H. Wissel
Thursday, June 5, 2003

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