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SVGs coming to the mainstream?

I just noticed that the July issue of MSDN magazine ( has an article on Scalable Vector Graphics ( Given that MSDN Magazine is generally the voice of the future direction of Microsoft, this article speaks volumes about the acceptance of this standard by Microsoft. I fully anticipate SVG support in IE 7 (or whatever the corrolary is), and perhaps Longhorn. The web would be a much nicer place if there was a wider adoption of SVG.

Anonymous Coward
Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Interesting. I know there's a long-standing branch of the Mozilla development tree where SVG is being worked on, and I  understand it's pretty far along; it's quite probable that Mozilla will be shipping with SVG support by the time IE releases it.

Adobe is also distributing its SVG plugin with all its software (including downloads such as Acrobat Reader). This isn't working with Mozilla right now (unfrozen interfaces in Mozilla), but all in all, the availability of SVG on the desktop is certainly going up.

Chris Hoess
Tuesday, June 3, 2003

There's just a few bitching hitches with the SVG support in Mozilla, one is the dependance on a LGPL library (unless that situation has changed and I missed it).

Just to be clear as to the possible coolness of this,  a reasonably complete SVG implementation holds out the possibility of an SVG rendered UI in XUL.  That would make things like theming and skins look cartoonish in comparison.

Simon Lucy
Wednesday, June 4, 2003

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