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Connecting to an FTP server on own LAN.  Any help?

I want to set up an FTP server on my Linux computer, and then access it via a client Windows computer. 

At school, each computer had its own IP address, and so I actually did it once, but don't remember how.

Anyway, my problem is that both of my computers share the same IP address. 

I would like to use a non-routable IP if I could, but Win2k doesn't give me the option of adding a second IP address to a computer.  It makes me wonder if I need to go to the router and add a DNS entry or NAT entry.

The two computers are physically connected to the internet, and with each other, by a Router/switch. 

Can anyone show Dorothy the yellow brick road?  harhar.

Brian R.
Sunday, May 25, 2003

Win2k Does allow you to assign multiple IPs.


1.  Open up your network connection's properties
2.  Select the TCP/IP protocol in the listbox
3.  Click Advanced...
4.  "IP Settings" tab
5.  Click "Add", type in IP & subnet mask

Sunday, May 25, 2003

do the 2 machines see each other now? don't you have internal IPs? Is the linux box the router/firewall? Just add a specific IP address in windows on you internal NIC. and add a specific IP address to the linux box on you internal NIC.

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Thanks Georgio, and J..  I figured it all out. hehe.  I did a dunderheaded thing at first and lost my IP connection (gave a PC a bad IP which probably caused my router to barf on my ISP).  But the IP address was reset (new IP).  That's why this reply is delayed

"don't you have internal IPs? Is the linux box the router/firewall?"

A lot of this was new to me.  My router hands out the "internal" IP's, as you call them.  Win2k automatically discovers what the router gives it.

Thank you guys for pointing me in a direction.  It kept me from giving up hope.

Dorothy "owns" that yellow brick road, now.  lol.

Brian R.
Monday, May 26, 2003

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