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Peachtree customization?

A customer of mine might have the need for some custom code that would exchange data with Peachtree. What toolkits/libraries are available to accomplish this? VB.NET would be the perferred language to accomplish this.

Anyone have experience customizing Peachtree? Any "gotchas" that I should be worried about?

Wayne Earl
Thursday, May 22, 2003

We've had success using the PawCom tools from Multiware (

While it's COM based (not the requested .NET platform), you should be able to fully access it from .NET using the COM Interop features of .NET.

Sargent Sausage
Thursday, May 22, 2003

You can import .csv files into peachtree.

Basically, you set up the customer and get his ID, then enter it into the database.  Then when the custoemr orders X, it goes into the database.

At the end of the mont, you do a select statement for that month and dump that data into a .csv file, then put it on a floppy, carry it over to the machine running peachtree, and do a file-> import.  Then you can print and mail invoices and, when you get the cash, enter it into Peachtree.

You have to set up the fields right, but that's pretty much it.
The biggest problem I had was getting someone to give me a 5-minute explanation of how to do it without charging me $250. :-)

Of course, if you want to talk BOTH WAYS from peachtree, then you've got to do some of the fancy stuff you've mentioned.  But remember: Peachtree is designed for small business.  Gathering orders through a web front-end and sending them to peachtree is one thing ... using Peachtree as the financial element of your ERP software is another ... :-)

Good luck ...

Matt H.
Friday, May 23, 2003

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