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VMWare 4 Showstoppers?

I wonder how many of you have upgraded to VMWare 4 and are having problems.  In the three days we've had our copy we've seen two major uglies already:

(1) The host floppy drive is suddenly invisible.  VMWare 4 won't even use a floppy image file.  Not a problem in version 3.x

(2) The binding order of the host and virtual NIC adapters is now hosed.  A Symantec Ghost client now attempts to connect to the the VMWare 4 virtual NIC instead of the "real" host NIC, and the connect fails.  To bad this box has all our Ghost images!

The fix for the first one is to add the following to your .VMX image config files:

floppy0.present = "TRUE"

The second problem I am just now going to tackle.  Not having attempted to change the binding order of the network adapters in XP before, I offer 25 Gold Leads ("The Glengarry Leads") to the first offer of assistance.

- M&M

Mitch & Murray (from downtown)
Sunday, May 11, 2003

With Classic Start Menu:

Start, Settings, Network Connections.
Advanced (Menu), Advanced Settings...
Adapters and Bindings tab.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Good question M&M.

I have a problem whan installing patches. It's pretty strange: My host installation (W2k running directly on the hardware) installs all updates from without any problem. Whereas all W2k VM's I installed abort the installation of the patches. The files are downloaded (and can be found in a temp directory WUtemp) but are not installed and I get the error message from the MS web site.

Similar behaviour with W2k SQL2000 VM. Besides of aborting the installation of patches, it was impossible to install MSXML4 SP1. During installation, one can see that the installation procedure opens a small window for a moment (typical window of a patch: only a short blue window title bar without any toolbars or other content beneath) and tries to install it. For some 10 seconds nothing happens, and then one gets an error message about aborted MSXML4 SP1 installation.

All W2k VM's are installed with the new version of VMWare (workstation 4) and I (ofcourse) install(ed) everything as administrator.

Am I alone with this problem?

Monday, May 12, 2003

Well, for me I finally was able to restore normal networking by disabling the virtual NICs that VMWare installs and using NAT networking in all the guest OSs.  Screwing around with the binding order of the NICs didn't fix anything.

Was talking to another developer today and he has had more than a couple of strange network problems when the host has VMWare 4 installed with those virtual NICs.

Mitch & Murray (from downtown)
Monday, May 12, 2003

Correction: bridge networking is what you gotta use when you disable the VM virtual NICs.

Mitch & Murray (from downtown)
Monday, May 12, 2003

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