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Has anyone ever used SapDB ?


I'm beginig a new project, and I need a database for it, a free one. Ive been looking for the regular candidates PostgreSQL and MySQL. Then I saw a new player - SapDB ( ) which claims to be full featured RDBMS. It is is also GPL'ed, which make it very attractive.
Unfortunately, I haven't found any good comparison between it and the others.
Has anyone tried it ?

Sunday, May 4, 2003

Sorry, I haven't tried SAPDB, although it looks good.

Just wanted to make sure you checked out another open source db contender: Firebird.

Firebird has its roots in Borland's Interbase.  It's a full-featured ACID compliant database with views, triggers, stored procedures, transactions, etc. 

Like SAPDB, Firebird is a little bit late to the party.  But the user community has really started to take off over the last year or so.  Firebird 1.5 is in the Release Candidate phase, with the real version to come out shortly. 

One of the exciting things about Firebird 1.5 -- for me -- will be the ability to deploy it as an "embedded" server in your app.  In Firebird's case, this means you can deploy a desktop app using a local Firebird server just by including a Firebird dll with your deployment; no end user hassles of having to manage a separate server application.

Herbert Sitz
Sunday, May 4, 2003

Sorry, I'm not certain, but I think the "embedded" .dll solution of Firebird may be usable only with Delphi-based solutions.  Someone can hopefully correct me if I'm wrong.

There are a number of ways to connect to Firebird, many of which are native to Delphi (understandable since Firebird is based on Borland's Interbase).

But there are also an ODBC driver, a number of cheap or freely available 3rd party ADO/OLEDB drivers, and a freely available .NET provider, that make Firebird usable in non-Delphi environments. 

Also, Firebird runs well on both Windows and Linux, a feature that distinguishes it from PostgreSQL.

Herbert Sitz
Sunday, May 4, 2003

Can you tell use about performance when using the embedded version as compared to the client-server version? And if someone has the DECLARE right to access it from VB without bothering with ODBC or OLE/DB, I'm even more interested :-)

For those interested, MySQL also offers an embedded version:

Frederic Faure
Sunday, May 4, 2003

We have SAP DB in use for more than a year. It runs flawlessy without major hussle, though the admin tools are not always perfect. No crashes, no data loss. But we run it only in a rather small config. From what I have seen, I would give it a serious try even for really huge datasets.
One thing to note: SAP has certified it for the use in mySAP installations (no wonder, since they are the developers *g*), which means really huge workloads and big stability. I think it is the only open source db which is certified for mySAP.
Support is done via two options. a) Dedicated support stuff at around 60000$/year or  b) the mailing list. Mailing list support is very responsive and quite a few SAP people are on the list.


PS: About open source. Condider GPL/LGPL more a licensing and political deal. Don't expect to be able to change the code easily. The code base is up to 20 years old, parts of it are written in pascal and crosscompiled to c. Cryptic filenames etc.  But propably there is no need to change the code anyway.

Sunday, May 4, 2003

I've been using SapDB for about six months and my impressions are favourable.  Some of the configuration can take a bit of getting used to, but in general my impressions are very favourable - a useful feature is also 'Oracle compatability mode'.

Sunday, May 4, 2003

A month or so ago there was a thread about databases and I had a huge spiel about SAPDB.

In summary, the database is absolutely sweet.

Free CD. Open Sourced. Free to distribute.

No DB is easier to setup. I've only hit a few quirks with an older Linux version of the database.

Best part of the database, is all the documentation you'll ever need is on hand, either on the CD or downloadable from the net.

Second best thing is its almost totally hands-off management. It simply works.

I dig it so much, I'll send a copy of the CD personally if SAPDB stops shipping them free (yes, they ship them free from germany. Takes around a week to get it to Australia).

Oracle had "Connect By" to get a hirarchy query which I couldn't find in SAPDB until a while ago. Instead has a recursive cursor you can use. With that, it's suits all the database needs I've ever had.

It's one sweet database.
It's also free, so there's no excuse.  :)

The Only Beef: it doesn't have a very good command line SQL tool. It has an awesome command line tool for DB management, but it's not geared to playing with queries the way Oracle's SQLPlus is. It does have a great SQL gui however. To get command line SQL going (can't always get to a gui), I've written such a beast in Java which uses JDBC drivers (and therefore can connect to multiple databases). I can send it to whoever wants it. Only for those command line marauders out there, and for times you can't get to a head.

Arron Bates
Sunday, May 4, 2003

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