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Marketing and sales statistics book recommends?

Hi, our company has been doing some light analysis of email and web click activities.  We've been able to reasonably deduce that bursts or lack of activities associated with specific links can correlate to how we surf and buy and therefore how our company should do our business. I don't want to compete with Gallop polls or anything but are there any nice books for computer folks like us to pick up on the basics of marketing statistics? I want to know how to conduct tests to verify hypothesises. I like to learn how to create sample groups and determine the error margins. And what sort of conclusions should I read or refrain from mis-reading. It would be best if such books indicate how I can gather information and put together meaningful reports so that our test results can be used as the basis for hypothesizing future marketing endeavors.  Anyone have a book to recommend? Thanks!

Li-fan Chen
Tuesday, April 29, 2003

"Statistics for Managers" by Levine, Berenson, and Stephan is pretty good although it concentrates more on statistics for optimizing processes for operation managers than for marketing.

Thursday, May 1, 2003

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