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I'm looking for real world experience of Oracle Portal, particularly the 9i version. Has anyone developed using it and is it any good?


Thursday, April 24, 2003

It's the most cumbersome thing in the world. It's a web based development environment that is supposed to make creating web applications easier but developing in it is so slow it's not worth it. If you are coming from a programming background where you actually write code in an editor then Oracle Portal will be a nightmare. HTML is streaming from PLSQL that you create in the web development environment. You never really see the big picture or the code, just pieces of sh*t. There is a developer kit available where you can write the portlets in java, perl, etc but if you are going to do that then why use Oracle Portal in the first place.

In my opinion it's conultantware.

It sucks
Thursday, April 24, 2003

I have to second that Portal has a rather high suckage factor. It is designed around portlets which is reusable. Thing is that you have to write your portlets against the portal engine APIs, which gives you limited control over what can be done.

Portlets have different view-modes (3 if i remember correctly (minimized, "within a <TD></TD> mode" and full screen mode). Portal then calls the portlets and ask them to display themselves in different modes.

This leads to limited freedom when designing portlets. Its actually easier to hand code your stuff directly in my oppinion. And when I checked Portal out, the available portlets that you could reuse was less than inspiring, so you had to write your own in order to get something done anyway.

What you get for free when having Portal as a base, is the single-sign-on and alot of already done user grouping and access right management to the objects in the repository which you have to code yourself otherwise.

Anonymous this time around
Thursday, April 24, 2003

I get to plug the ASP.Net portal again!
Because it sounds exactly like what Oracle is trying to do, except it works really well, is a huge time-saver, and I really enjoy working with.

Of course, it's 100% MS tech. On the other hand, it's free...


Thursday, April 24, 2003

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