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Running IE from a program's uninstaller.

I'm writing a program which (of course) has an uninstaller.

While uninstalling, I'd like to open a web page (in Internet Explorer) by using ShellExecute.

It works well, except for one thing:

The user goes to Control Panel Add/Remove applet, and starts my application's uninstaller.

The uninstaller proceeds, starts IE, then (with the help of the user clicking Next) finishes.

At this time, the IE window is still open, and the Add/Remove applet is still open.

The problem is, the Add/Remove applet is "locked" - it doesn't react to user input until I close the IE window.

I made the uninstaller run a small .EXE which starts IE, then terminates, but the damn Add/Remove tracks it all - it does not enable itself back until I close the IE window.

This would be no problem, but it's obviously NOT intuitive for the user.

How do I solve this problem - I mean, start IE and have the Add/Remove Control Panel applet still respond to user commands?

Thank you!

George Nicolescu
Wednesday, April 16, 2003

I don't know what technique they use, but you may want to take a look at the MSI-based uninstallers for the evaluation copies of both Wise for Windows Installer and the InstallShield Windows Installer product (I'm not sure what it's called off-hand.)

Both of them bring you to a survey Web page once the uninstall is complete to ask you what you thought of your evaluation and if you purchased a competitor's product.

You can open their MSI file to see what they're doing during the uninstall sequence.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

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