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Has anyone had any luck getting an interview at a Job Fair?  It seems to me a Job Fair is just a big resume collection site.  Sure you get to make face to face contact with... an HR clown, but you can't really talk to HR people about job specifics.  After all they're there to narrow down the selection and gather the resumes no?  What do you guys think of 'Job Fairs'?  Are they just a bunch of HR clowns gathering resumes and making promises or is it a productive way to go about finding a job?

Thursday, April 10, 2003

It's probably marginally better than mailing out resumes.

If you do actually impress your recruiter, they will write a note on the back of your resume and you might be more likely to be contacted.

But most HR departments live and die by existing as a black box.  Turn the crank and they will use job fairs, postings, networking, and recruiters to suck in resumes and spew out plug-interchangable engineers

flamebait sr.
Thursday, April 10, 2003

I've only been to one, just before I graduated from college. I chatted with the managers and engineers that were there at the booths (no HR that I recall - all the companies sent knowledgable people) and left off a few resumes with those who requested one after talking with me, and got interview call backs from all of them. I got job offers on most of the interviews that resulted, but wasn't satisfied with the total packages being offered and ended up taking an offer that resulted from responding to a classified ad in the local paper.

So to sum it all up, yeah you get call backs, but if the fair you went to was just HR and not project managers then that might be the problem. Maybe try to find a more serious fair wiht managers or mabe the fact there are no managers means that they are not really hiring and are just putting in face time for political reasons or who knows what.

Tony Chang
Thursday, April 10, 2003

I've attended job fairs as a job seeker, and I've attended as a "headhunter."

As a job seeker, I did get a job lead which turned into a part-time job as a programming instructor.  I wouldn't have known of the job opening without going to the job fair.

As a "headhunter," my job was to tell folks about the company and get a feel for their personalities.  Really impressive prospects would be put on the top of the pile (e.g., high school students who'd worked on difficult projects in their spare time).  I tried to handle special requests and answer specific questions, which wouldn't have happened otherwise.

There are good and bad job fairs, obviously.  It think that overall they're better than sending a faceless resume to a recruiter.

Brent P. Newhall
Thursday, April 10, 2003

I got two good interviews after graduating college through career fairs. Realize that you only have about 3 minutes of time to really impress the person working at the booth. If you see a company that you'd like to work for, you have to a) really enthusiastic b) show that you know their business. Lots of career fairs publish who will be there a day or so before the fair. Check out their websites and figure out what they do.

Only really big (and dumb) companies send HR drones if they're looking for tech people. Smaller companies send their engineers.

You have even better chances with on-site interviews.

S. Gwizdak
Friday, April 11, 2003

The only Job Fair I went to was in Tokyo a bit over a year ago. It worked out quite well and I managed to pull 5 interviews from it.

Matthew Lock
Saturday, April 12, 2003

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