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Lusenet don't require Oracle...

...if you're using the OpenACS implementation.  Which is also massively debugged compared to Phil's implementation; he's using quite an old version of the ACS.

So there's an alternative for people who like Lusenet, don't wan't to invest in the huge expense that is Oracle, and don't mind typing make && make install in a few places.

(I suspect that last qualifier is what will put most people off; while installing OpenACS and Postgresql is pretty straightforward, it isn't zero-effort.  Contrary to Joel's grumbling, the nice people at OpenACS have spent some time preparing binary packages to install out of the box on some platforms.)

Rodger Donaldson
Sunday, October 14, 2001

Of course the OpenACS has many thousands more lines of code than this lightweight little forum and would require learning a whole new paradigm to customize.

(I am a mostly happy OpenACS user.) I am pretty impressed by joel's little forum.  He needed something with minimum barriers to use and this looks like it.  The openACS forum requires logging in to use some that this does not.


carl cm

Carl Coryell-Martin
Sunday, October 14, 2001

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