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Can anyone recommend some good project management software ? Ive tried MS Project, which is nice but aimed at larger more complex projects, and often behaves unintuitively (imho).

What Id like is just an easy way to track an hierarchy of tasks, with timescales, and an equally easy way for me and the other developers to log time on each task, with the output being a gannt schedule chart. Preferably open source, and Win32 rather than web based.

Am I asking too much ?



Monday, May 20, 2002

Use excell
If Project is overkill, so will everything else

Monday, May 20, 2002

Sorry, excel

Monday, May 20, 2002

This topic has been discussed before on this board.  You might want to take a look at this:

Herbert Sitz
Monday, May 20, 2002

Joel's written a nice article a while back on using Excel to manage projects:

Matthew Lock
Monday, May 20, 2002

Some columns I've added to Joel's spreadsheet to make days of week calculations- which helps fold your work back into the gant charts that the PM drags around :).

Add column estimated end data:

Add column "Elapsed", my column H, used below

Add column "Remain"

Excel is almost as disgusting a "programming language" as VB, but at least Excel serves a useful purpose.

Anyhow, as you might guess, this is for ROW 3. 
Column 'D' is the start date
Column 'G' is the estimated days to complete work on task.
Column 'J' is the percentage complete column

Hope this is useful...

Nat Ersoz
Tuesday, May 21, 2002

>Excel is almost as disgusting a "programming language" >as VB, but at least Excel serves a useful purpose. ...

>Hope this is useful...

That comment wasn't useful.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

A nice inexpensive applet for managing/displaying a project's status is JustProgress found at  One nice feature is that it is driven from a simple text file which can be maintained programmatically from a database or whatever. It works for me and some of my clients.

Nelson Thomas
Thursday, May 23, 2002


  For Corporate Management of Multiple Projects. 
  Corporate Management System 
  MASTER-PLAN is a standalone package, that is not integrated with or dependent on any other system.
It is designed for "Senior Administrators", not "technical wizards", and is focused on the "big picture".
It was made to track up to 200 projects or assignments through planning and development stages.
It will show planned (background color) and actual (foreground character) duration on the same line.
It provides summarization for "Organizational Unit", "Geographic Location" and "Administrative Priority".
It charts projects as to Planned, Pending, Quartile1, Quartile2, Quartile3, Quartile4 and Completed.
With just a click, the "53 week" Gantt chart window can be moved earlier or later in viewing the projects.
The Planning and Tracking capabilities are independent of each other, so you can use either or both.

First, enter the corporate identification information to be used for the report headings (in the DOC tab).
Second, enter the CATEGORIES (about fifteen minutes once you know what you want summarized).
Third, begin entering the project or assignment information fields (one project or assignment per line).
Normally "planning" is done at the start of the fiscal year, and "tracking", via weekly status meetings. 

William McMillan
Tuesday, October 8, 2002

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