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question about the new design with CityDesk

about the "archive" : have you been obliged to create the one after the other "by hand" every monthly "old front page" archive page (with changing dates into  loops) , from  a single template, or is there a possibility to create these pages automatically from this template and that I didn't discover ?

Vincent Bénard
Thursday, November 8, 2001

Yes, I have one article for each archive "month" which contains this:

{$ foreach newsStory in (and (or (folder "news") (folder "oldnews")) (and (after 2001/10/31) (before 2001/12/1))) sortAscendBy .filedDate $} {$newsStory.filedDate$}



I had to create about 20 of these, for each month the site has been in existence, and adjust the dates manually in the foreach clause.

I'm trying to find a good, general design for archives that makes sense. Other tools (like Manila) only have one way to do it: the dinky calendars. Don't like dinky calendars? Use another product :) But there are so many different ways people might want to present their archives that it's a hard design problem.

Joel Spolsky
Thursday, November 8, 2001

I Understand. I don't like manila dinky calendars too.

but if you can edit a "special_table_of_contents" template, the next cool step (for the 2.0 version ?) could be to setup "site rules" with a "reference period for archive" setup (people could choose "month", "day", "week","hour", year

or edit more complex periods :(every n) month, (0-15) and (16-end) inside each month, and so on.

and it the loop, it could give something like that:

{$ foreach newsStory in (and (or (folder "news") (folder "oldnews")) (and (after {$site_reference_period_begin$}) (before {'$site_reference_period_end$}))) sortAscendBy .filedDate $} {$newsStory.filedDate$}



and of course, there should be a way to command citydesk to generate every page corresponding to the template automatically. I don't know if it is possible ?

of course, the way I suggest is perhpas not the best to achieve the goal.

(ps. I discover that this topic should have better been posted in the citydesk forum. Sorry for confusion)

Vincent Bénard
Friday, November 9, 2001

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