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KDE 3.0

Have anyone tried it? I've installed many Linux desktops over the past couple of years and there doesn't look to be any improvment in sight for KDE.

I had GNOME installed previously and it was pretty easy to install, go to XIMIAN.COM and download an app that automatically installs GNOME on your Linux OS.

KDE on the other hand is a pain. I downloaded all the RPM's yesterday and started the installation. But, as usual, I had many libraries missing so I had to search for them and install them. After a few hours, I had installed all of the RPM's. I start KDE3, everything looks to be working fine until I realized that even though all the apps, games, media players, etc. are installed, they weren't add to the KDE start menu. So I had to create the shortcuts by myself.

Worst thing is that there wasn't much difference between KDE 2 and KDE 3.

I mean, please don't they do any usability studies? Looks like everytime I want to use a new KDE version, I have to download a whole new Linux distribution because KDE by itself is too complicated to install.

Friday, April 5, 2002

KDE leaves packaging up to the distributions, so blame your distribution, not KDE. KDE 3.0 was mainly to update to QT3, breaking binary compability and therefore updating the major version.
Read for the changes.

Friday, April 5, 2002

Roger, I too got frustrated with dependency and versioning problems with Red Hat. They just don't have a good strategy for versioning & updates; as soon as you stray from their major point releases, all hell breaks loose...

Then I switched to Debian and life was good again... 'apt-get install kdelibs3-bin' and I'm all set.

(notice how Debian ensures that binary-incompatible upgrades get a different package name, so upgrading a core library will not break the rest of your system...)

Dan Maas
Friday, April 5, 2002

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