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Project Management software for agile development

This company has a project management product for lightweight/agile development methodologies. I haven't tried it (and I have no connection with the company), but it sounds interesting. There is an online trial available.

Agile Development Management

"VersionOne is the leading provider of agile and iterative project planning and management software and services. Enabling today's leading agile methodologies (Extreme Programming, Scrum, Crystal, FDD, etc.), VersionOne helps project teams simplify the process of planning, managing, and scaling their rapidly changing development efforts."

"In today's environment, project teams are required to deliver business value in months, not years. VersionOne's web-based platform for agile development helps companies accelerate delivery, minimize process overhead, simplify project management, and quickly adapt to changing business requirements. Integrated planning, tracking, story management, task management, and project reporting accelerate a company's transition to a more streamlined, responsive development process."

Philip Dickerson
Sunday, March 23, 2003

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