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I regularly use Remote Desktop.  My issue is that it blanks the screen of the host display.  My uses include multimedia, so I need the host display (a 50" plasma) to remain active.  tightVNC, etc is too slow, I want to use Remote Desktop.  I know that Remote Assistance uses the same terminal services base as Remote Desktop and does NOT blank the host display.  The problem is I cannot find a way to automate Remote Assistance invitation and granting of the Remote Assistance session.

Does anyone know a workaround to allow the Remote Assistance session to be full implemented REMOTELY, without requiring being at the host pc???



Caleb Calpp
Sunday, March 2, 2003

Have you tried the Remote Desktop feature in Microsoft Netmeeting?  Go to run and type "conf" to start it up.  Once you have gone through the wizard and started the actual program all you have to do is click "Remote Desktop Sharing" under tools.  I hope that helps

Sunday, March 2, 2003

Yes you have a good point there... I am running a bar with computers...  the client machines choose the music THEY wish to hear by connecting with the Remote Desktop feature over the LAN... and yes the main music server machine (which functions like a juke box) screen blanks out whenever someone makes a connection to the media player (that links to the amplifiers, speakers and music files)... also this method leaves the server somewhat vulnerable.........
Any ideas how to get round this or maybe there is some software out there that does this task better than win XP....

Saturday, October 18, 2003

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