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You may also want to upgrade your soundcard.
Typical computer soundcards are really noisy, and the sound quality sucks. They are really optimized for good output, not so much input.
Have a look at Echo's products for example, they make a rather cheap soundcard (~250$) that I have understood to be very good:

Friday, February 14, 2003

You "understand it" to be good? You haven't actually listened and compared it yourself, but you're recommending it? Sheesh.

The low-cost prosumer models like the Audiophile 2496 are just fine (and yes, I own one) and < $200. That particular card is dead silent. Frankly, though, the SB Audigy (which I also own) is just fine for the kind of thing he's doing. The rear line-in jack is a touch noisy (though not as bad as the SBLive), but the front mic hole is not.

The problem with using the prosumer models is, and this cannot be stressed enough: MOST OF THEM DO NOT HAVE A MIC-IN JACK. He'd have to get a pre-amp to get decent pickup, and that's another hassle and expense. That's why for non-regular semi-pro use, something like the Audigy is perfect, not to mention cheap and low-hassle.

Troy King
Friday, February 14, 2003

No, I haven't tested it myself. I am only ocasionally into digital recording, but a friend is living on that and he recommended it.
Regarding mic-in jacks, you can surely check this before buying, but I think the ones that I mentioned have phantom-powered mic ins.
Anyway, the idea is that mic is one part of the chain, but equally important is the sound card.

Monday, February 17, 2003

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