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Made with City Desk banner

Joel has placed the "Made with City Desk" banner at the bottom of the joelonsoftware homepage.

I would guess that it is only seen by about one in thousand visitors.

Peter WA Wood
Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Who clicks banners anyway these days?

If I were Joey (but I am not. I'm much prettier) I would replace the button with a text link like:

"Made with City Desk"

Maybe even:

"Generated by City Desk"

to point out the fact that the web page was created without geeky wizardry.

I would even automatically put that text link at the bottom of each page generate by CityDesk and only allow users of payed versions to switch it off. Why not get some free publicity? [Somebody correct me if CityDesk already does this]

I'm willing to bet a Euro that a text link would increase the click through rate at least 5 times over a banner.

Jan Derk
Wednesday, January 16, 2002

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