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Working with Good People (Team Building)

See I didn't say working with good development or techie people.  We can always find a decent team of developers to work with.  The hard part is finding the other three groups:  incredible developers, incredible people and finally incredible developers who are equally great people.  I would rather work with great people (who may not be the best technically but who I enjoy being around and working hard with) or great developers who are great people.  Can't stand working next to a person who may be a great developers but doesn't see the value in having a good relationship with hi/her teammates.  Sounds kinda wishy-washy I know but how many times have you woke up and dreaded going into work because you disliked the people on your team?  I know I have.  I have had the pleasure of working with dictators, fanatics, lazy and apathetic people who I wouldn't wanted to be around for ten minutes let alone 8+ hours a day.

So how does one find a team like this?  Or can one person change a team of disfunctional technical professionals and make them a functional team?  I really haven't heard of many transformations in my career.  I guess everyone has to agree to change.  I read a book called "Fish" not too long ago that dealt with this in a corporate organization.  Good read and very short.  Had some interesting ideas.  Does it has to start at the top or can the people in the trenches start the change and have it go up?  Personally I think that culture starts at the top.

At this time, I am currently on a team like this.  I am trying to change things as much as I can.  Not easy since management is  too busy trying to keep the project deadline in sight but not looking at the wasted time since no one discusses any issues.

Saturday, January 12, 2002

The same question is always bothering me too ..
But I think that "good developer" and "good man" is something that given to the people when they are born .. Someone that is bad in the technical field (not because he doesn't know or have no experience in X or Y, but because the way he thinks is bad, unsuitable for the profession) isn't going to become a good one, IMHO. And someone who's complete moron isn't going to born again as a person you'd like to have a talk or lunch with ..

So I think, if it's not you who builds the team - it's just a matter of luck whether you'll be happy to wake up in the morning and drive the car.
But if it's me who builds the team - I'll do my best to bring people I happen to know personally in both fields.

I wish we could change "bad" (what we think about them) people, but what for ? Do *they* want to change ? Usually not. Usually, they're not even aware of how bad they are ..

Evgeny Goldin
Saturday, January 12, 2002

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