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CNET: Tech agency scouts for "talent"  -
What you guys think about this?

Friday, January 17, 2003

This is a bunch of bullcrap, and is most likely typical IT contracting service BS and lies.  I wonder which bodyshop this guy was with before. Probably a Big "N" consulting company.

Sic: the people that this 'agent' is saying that he will accept are those whom he considers star performers. My guess is that he will thus "anoint" anyone that already has an industry reputation in certain niches. In other words, the people that he accepts by definition probably don't need his help anyway. My bet is that he simply adds a thick and heavy layer of commissions to these peoples' rates.

I also wonder what the incentive is for companies to use his 'stars'. After all, in this industry (as in any other) there is a little thing called "billing" that must take place.

On the realism - I've been doing IC work for 10 years with a track record, blah blah. This guy would most likely turn his nose up at my work as "commodity" and too proletarian to remotely consider. The *real* problem with our industry is that there is no 'sanctioned' role for a true contractor's agent- one that works in the interest of, and is paid by, the contractor. I don't need the concierge service and the speaking engagements. I *need* proper representation.

Smells like ego ridden haughty bullsh*t.

Friday, January 17, 2003

I have never heard of the guy, and the web site does not list any background information about him. Given that I am talented, why would I want to work for this shady broker instead of McKinsey, BCG, Bain, E&R, or any other consulting group that I have heard of before?

Friday, January 17, 2003

According to the article, the founder of this agency got the idea "while working on a screenplay."

It sounds like he is something of a dilettante, flitting from scheme to scheme.  He thought he could cash in on a screenplay -- maybe that didn't work out.

Suddenly he had dollar signs in his eyes when he brainstormed this idea of an IT talent agency.

Notice the following passage on the website of the agency.  This is a perfect example of the flashy, meaningless over-use of the word "value" that so irritates me these days.

"We strongly believe that both talent and clients are looking for more value in this industry. Top IT consultants are looking for better representation and greater recognition while clients are looking for the very best consultants for key roles on their critical projects. Our Talent Management model brings unique value to both talent and clients."

Friday, January 17, 2003

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