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Anybody using Leo?

Leo is a "outliner" in Python,

Like many programmers I know, I'm still in search of the perfect text editor. I was a vi user for several years, then switched to Scite (at the suggestion of someone from this forum). At the same time, I use TreePad for throwing together thoughts in a semi-structured way.

I'd like to use one tool for both, and Leo seems to fit the bill. Does anyone have any experience with it?

easily scared person witholding his name
Wednesday, January 15, 2003

I use a minimalist's editor call EditPlus.exe, it has it all and less. Handles large data transformation as well as anything a code monkey might require. It's reasonably fast and I can't find any memory limits. It doesn't do everything, but then it fits on a floppy.

BBEdit on the mac platform is a old favorite of many people I know. A lot of web guys I know swears by using commercial IDEs like Visual Studio InterDev and DreamWeaver when all these IDEs seems to do (to a newbie like me) is highlight syntax :/

I still use vim and Xemacs though (though I am not so familiar with emacs). I still enjoy remembering the odd command in vim that manages to do magic. It's like using a software written in 90% easter eggs.

And then sometimes you just need to write a script or two to edit text. How can you complain when everything you need can be recursively solved for you. So learn a scripting language. Learn text transformation. Learn Regular Expression!

Li-fan Chen
Wednesday, January 15, 2003

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