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How about a Fog Creek Associate Program ?

Originally I planned to post this on CityDesk's forum, but I figured that it is also relevant to FogBugZ and future Fog Creek product.

Some of my old clients that I developed customized web enabled apps for need something like CityDesk. Because of this internet doom they have all cut their budgets to maybe 20% of what they were spending at 1999-2000. Basically no one wants a customized content management software anymore.

I know that Joel is quite successful in spreading the words for FogCreek among the geeks, but to this date I still do not know one person who is not a programmer that have heard of FogCreek.

I think something like the Associates Program maybe benefical to FogCreek. And people hanging around in this forum will be happy to help spread the word too.

Come to think of it, most software houses that don't have a distributor sell okay on their website because their products are targeted towards the geeks (programmer, system admins, etc). Examples are programming / design tools like textpad, ultraedit, examdiff, homesite, topstyle.

Some of CityDesk's target audience will be like writers, editiros and some poor marketing guys who have to maintain their own corporate web sites ;-)

Do you think this kind of Associate Program will work for selling sharewares as well ?

Monday, January 7, 2002


Friday, January 11, 2002

I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss this idea.  Joel Spolsky did use it early on, when Fog Creek was into consulting.

Sunday, January 13, 2002

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