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Ever do any OS/370 Programming?

If you've ever struggled with the JCL required to allocate a dataset (i.e., create a file), you would know that not all programming environments are created equal.  Sure, there's plenty of complexity in the Linux world, but this doesn't make the Windows environment "just as good".  That's not an argument that has legs, especially from someone who admits that he hasn't had enough experience on Linux to make a reasoned judgment.

Techy Lname
Thursday, December 12, 2002

I have worked or played on six OSes (IRIX, Solaris, HPUX, Windows, BEOS, and Linux). All have their good and bad points, its a matter of preference. Somethings one OS does grates on people more than others, for instance Solaris doesn't do OpenGL well. A window on top of an app using OpenGL will bleed through, and their machines don't support it well. Though thats me. Sysadmins seem to love these machines, I don't know why, but they do. Govees seem to love them. I would have to say that I prefer the IRIX and Windows boxes myself. BEOS is fun, but gone. In my work I try to recommend a platform based on the task, and how its strengths meet that task. I don't think there is an OS and platform yet that does everything great.

I say look at the problem and then look at the plaform. Then choose what fits. Its the engineering way.


Dave Hickerson
Friday, December 13, 2002

All I can say about JCL is that its NOT NOT complicated.

Of course, mainframes *bleed* data, and the precise data allocation that is specified in JCL is a symptom of what you give up for that speed.

When I did my mainframe tour of duty, I had to rummage through the IBM "System Management Facilities" manuals and fix up code that was literally written while I was being born not more than 3 miles away.

Shawn Leslie
Friday, December 13, 2002

I began on DOS VS & Power on a 370, punched card input, decks submitted in the evening, half a forest of music rule delivered in the morning, plus a deck of cards with half of them folded over the rest and a note from the operator saying that they wouldn't feed and would I please submit proper JCL.

I can't say as I'd like to do that again.

Simon Lucy
Friday, December 13, 2002

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