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City Desk Template Library?


Any plans to start a City Desk template  library where creative users can post their masterpieces for kudos and re-use by others?

I think these things help build a sense of community around the product. It may even be worth getting some of your more aesthetically-minded developers to take a day or two off FogBugz and kick-start the process with a few templates of their own.



Friday, December 28, 2001

You should post this in the CityDesk discussion.

I've asked about it as well and didn't hear much. One person lists FogCreek developed sites but that doesn't help much. I would think a page designer could crank out 20 or so templates fairly easily. I'd be happy to set it up so that they could charge for them.

Patrick Breitenbach
Friday, December 28, 2001

No web-publishing product is going to turn me into a design artist or programmer.  You can spot a FrontPage template a mile away.  It takes time and effort to produce useful designs.  CityDesk is only a month old so the early sites look very similar.  There is a real estate site in development right now that will break the mold.  I'm sure others will too.

So, when I see a site I like, however it was created, I import the HTML and style sheet to see how they did it.  If there is a color or text style that's nice, I copy it.  When I find myself at an easy-to-use site, I appropriate the method.  That's where my templates come from even if some are too complicated for me to understand or maintain.

Given that, I continue to use FrontPage to do of my template and page formatting, particularly setting up tables.  I don't think you're going to have much design fun without a better editor unless you are a great at HTML.

The "library" that really interests me would demonstrate clever uses of scripts, templates, folders, and keywords.  My goal is to make sites easier to set up, easier to manage and more flexible.  For me this is the real benefit of CityDesk.

Saturday, December 29, 2001

TK, I agree and I do check out your list frequently to see what people are doing. I think what would be of interest to a lot of us here is something more like:

- here's an example of a real-estate listing site. note how "extra1" is used for the home price
- here's an example of a sports team web site. note how "tagline" is used to display info about the next game.
- here's an example of a basic weblog. note how by using different style-sheets, you can change the look of the whole blog very easily.
- here's a .cty file that can be used to setup an online store.
- etc.

Patrick Breitenbach
Saturday, December 29, 2001

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