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IE6 and the <APPLET> tag.

I am having some problems with IE6 and the applet tag...
IE tries to download the JVM and then tells me that it cannot install it because it's kind of a protected software component. All works fine w/ Mozilla etc.
This is really a bad thing, removing the JVM from IE...
Of course, the CLR is now in...

A bad day
Monday, November 25, 2002

A link would have helped.

Monday, November 25, 2002

Are you sure that the problem is not that when you are logged on to the corporate LAN you do not have install rights.

I have this problem at work. Anybody know if I can download the equivvalent of a network install like I can for XP Service pack 1 (or is it included in that?)

Stephen Jones
Monday, November 25, 2002

Are you using XP?  I think this was because of the lawsuit between Sun and MS.  Since they've settled it, I believe that you can get the jvm via an MS  service pack.  Try poking around the ms site.

Ron E.
Monday, November 25, 2002

XP came without a Java virtual machine because MS decided to play Yaboo! with Sun in retaliation over the lawsuit.

You can download it easy enough but the problem is that at work to get on to the Internet I have to be logged on to the LAN, and if I'm logged on to the LAN I'm not allowed to install anything so I get the failure message.

I was looking for the separate corporate install but it doesn't seem to be there. Maybe it's on the XP sevice pack. I'll try and download the service pack after work, it's 124 MB I think, so it'll use up rather a lot of bandwidth!

Stephen Jones
Monday, November 25, 2002

the last thing I saw was that it (the 'microsoft' vm) was going to ship on the CD-ROM version of XP SP1, but NOT the downloadable version. some sort of pissing match having to do with if the thing was pre-installed on your machine you could update it online, but not otherwise, but running a cd would install it. or if you upgraded (not re-installed) from a previous version of windows you could download an update.

Alternatives are to get a JVM from Sun or BEA or elsewhere, or to find a pirated version of the Microsoft VM or mabye SP1 CD-ROM on the net. (Absurd to pirate free software, isn't it.)

Of course this doesn't help if you're trying to write web pages for the masses. Nor does the absence of the EMBED tag. You'll have to use OBJECT if you need these features.

Monday, November 25, 2002

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