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Wondering about "superstar sales execs who work on a commission-only basis"?  Not being a sales guy but having hired them in the past, must admit I haven't seen this done (at least - by a successful business).  The good sales guys in the software industry are used to a base (say, $80K) and the ability to earn $200K to whatever.  Is this something that has worked for others?

...and what about a marketing budget?  Seems kinda key to have some investment in this area.  Not sure what kind of S/M exec (irrespective of comp plan) would come on board wo/a marketing budget.  And that's not even getting into the sales budget (flights to important accounts, phone bills, etc.).

...if you're targeting large enterprise, you'll really need to get in front of the F1000 resellers like Corporate Software.  Plus, F1000 will expect the availability of maintenance contracts, professional services and the attendant infrastructure.

...and if you're targeting SME/SOHO, then access to the resellers (to get you to the retail and direct channels) will likely be key - and getting into the channel will probably cost real bucks.

Jus' wonderin' how CD gets kickstarted with a minimal investment in S/M (it's certainly a useful lesson for me if it works!).

D Ross
Tuesday, December 11, 2001

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