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It's all about the platform...

I was at the talk mentioned in ZD-Net  and Slashdot

One of the things they missed that Steve Ballmer spoke about, which I thought might be interesting to JoS readers is the platform. He spoke about how everything was the platform; the products they are producing now are just the latest interfaces to "the platform".

It's also interesting to see just how much the press distort things in favour of headlines. I was there. I know what he said. He didn't say "We'll outsmart open source" as slashdot says.

What he said was that Microsoft cannot "price at zero", and therefore would have to work on producing a product that was worth paying the price difference for.

Which is a far more reasonable, and therefore less newsworthy quote, than "We'll outsmart open source".

He did say Microsoft do not anticipate (note thats not "never, no way nuh huh") offering software on linux. That should be more grist for the "office is being converted to linux already" rumor mill.

Robert Moir
Wednesday, September 25, 2002

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