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Since Joel has declared that the .Net forum is not the place to discuss the Gilmore Girls, then this must be the correct place:

"Replies should be answers to the question. Don't drift into conversations about Microsoft's monopoly or the upcoming Gilmore Girls season premiere. It's very exciting; we all can't WAIT to find out if Rory stays with boring Dean or leaves him for exciting (yet dangerous) Jess, but it doesn't go here."

So.... what is going to happen?

I also want to know how they are going to handle Rory at Harvard, and where is Mom going to live? Can the show handle being in two locales?

Friday, September 20, 2002


Ged Byrne
Friday, September 20, 2002



Paulo Caetano
Friday, September 20, 2002

I think Rory should go off to Harvard and Dean should hook up with Jess, which is what we all really want to see.

Joel Spolsky
Friday, September 20, 2002

Lorelai has pretty ankles.  ;-)

Friday, September 20, 2002

I agree with Joel. Dean is hot though boring

Friday, September 20, 2002

actually I meant Dean connecting with Jess would be nice.

Friday, September 20, 2002

Look it up here:
I have to agree with the ménage-a-Gilmore comment. The fact that James Dean wrecked the car and did not die the second time was a huge disappointment.

Doug Withau
Friday, September 20, 2002

What I really want to know how Lorelai and Rory are going to lynch Chris...  It won't happen, but in my head the episode makes me laugh.

I'm blocking out the whole Rory kissing Jess thing.

Wow.  I'm finally living up to my Dilbert shirt:  "I may not have a life, but I'm damn close".

Friday, September 20, 2002

I think when it comes to Rory going to college, she will not be accepted by Harvard and have to settle for Yale.  This will give her character an opprotunity to handle disappointment and solve the whole problem of how mother and daughter will be together without introducing a shark-jumping move to a new city.

BTW- obviously I agree.  This must be the place for programmers to discuss "Gilmore Girls".  The last few months of discussion on this site have been boring.

Erik Lickerman
Friday, September 20, 2002

With all these new forums, perhaps Joel should consider setting up (or is that .Net)?

Ged, more info on the Gilmore Girls at although perhaps is a better place to get an idea of what's going on - there's bound to be comments on Dean/Jess/Rory there.

More importantly is Lorelai EVER going to realise/admit that Luke is in love with her (and she with him!)?

Of course the requiting of unrequited love is a point where sharks get jumped (eg. Moonlighting vs. the WONDERFUL treatment of the Emma Peel era of The Avengers).

And the transition from High School to College is a typical Jump The Shark point too sadly enough. I wish Buffy and the Scooby Gang were still at Sunnydale High (those were the days; anyone see Firefly?). Oh well...

Walter Rumsby
Saturday, September 21, 2002

I sense no shark jumping on this season of the Gilmore Girls.

Is this the same Lorelei that Styx used to sing about?

Dennis DeYoung
Sunday, September 22, 2002

To be honest, I'm not sold on the Gilmore Girl's thing.

However, that Jumping the Shark site is brilliant.

Ged Byrne
Sunday, September 22, 2002

Ged, I would recommend watching the Gilmore Girls once before you decide that you're not going to be sold on it.  Sounds like a sappy mother - daughter show, but it has a feel that is very reminicent of Northern Exposure (quirkey little town w/ lots of quirkey people).  Also, the writing has a sarcastic bite to it that I really enjoy.  There is also a tendency to have "Dennis Miller" type references, by this I mean humor that requires that you have you have picked up on the nonsequitor that was thrown into the joke

Then again, if you hate Northern Exposure, sarcasm and Dennis Miller, feel free to disregard my previous advice.


Monday, September 23, 2002


I'll definately give a try, when it finally arrives over here in the UK.

Ged Byrne
Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Oh, details, details...

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I download.  Filesharing is good for observing other cultures, and I wish those BBC shows were shared more.  Other than Red Dwarf/Monty Python.

The distributors charge insanely for DVDs and hem/haw about even releasing shows like Buffy.  Not worth it to be legal, especially for bad dubs.

By the way, I think Buffy jumped the shark when it got old for Joss & Co.  Sometimes it gets old, and your actors want new things while they remain young and pretty.  I think they handled the whole college transition well, on the whole.  Lost some charm, but didn't jump the shark then.

Greg Neumann
Wednesday, September 25, 2002

With Buffy, they managed to compensate for the College transition by adding a large dose of sex to the show.

Ged Byrne
Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Isn't Rory the cutest thing?

Thursday, October 3, 2002

I just want to know, how do you go about downloading GG episodes?

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Where can I go to download the Episode on the 4/27/04
Please Help!!!!

Friday, April 30, 2004

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