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Separating Application from architecture

I see two schools advocating sep. application from architecture/software:

Schlaer Mellor recursive design


sc Metamorphic Programming

I am particularly interested in your opinion on the latter? Read the apress book?

Thursday, September 19, 2002

The Metamorphic Programming web site looks like a couple of guys in some basement.  It's not very convincing, with no actual examples.

The idea of distilling application logic into some form of metadata is really just table-driven software on steriods.  Good for limited domains perhaps, but hardly generic.  It seems far fetched that one could extract the metadata of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint (all monster apps) and run them from the same execution engine.

Besides, metaprogramming is just an implementation of app/architecture separation.  There are other ways to do the same thing.  Frameworks for example.  AFAIK all Microsoft Office products are built from a common framework, so there already is a lot of sharing and separation.

A more promising approach to this whole idea is Intentional Programming from microsoft research.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

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