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Spam from Offshore Development Companies

Is it just me, or is the amount of spam from Offshore Development Companies increasing ?

I received such a "communication" recently, which I deleted naturally. Then yesterday I received a rather rude follow-up email (with the original spam attached) asking why I hadn't responded to their original message.

Perhaps I'm being naive and missing out on a wonderful marketing tool which I could use myself, but I prefer to get new jobs by recommendations from satisfied clients.

Anyone else getting this kind of problem ? Sorry if it's too far off topic.

Steve Jones
Sunday, September 8, 2002

Yes, I've been getting a bunch of spam from foreign companies, mostly in China and India, "we offer product/servce XXX, please call us, this isn't spam (yeah right), etc..."

Recently I've started to get a startling number of "Nigerian scams" - 1-2 every single day. And they are also hitting a lot of mailing lists I read (e.g. linux-kernel).

The worst part is, these spams are often plain ASCII with no links, so they are harder for my filter to pick out than your typical HTML-laced porn/scam mail :).

Dan Maas
Sunday, September 8, 2002

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