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Future features for CityDesk?

Joel, can you tell use more about where you would like CD to go next?

Personnaly, I'm still looking for an easier to use alternative to Notes. Therefore, it'd be nice if the DB part was abstracted out so that the CD client can access either local or remote CD sites, just like Notes (Local != Server).

Also, I think Notes has it right by requiring users to create documents through forms: Users don't have to do much thinking when they create a new document, and it enforces layout consistency.

A must-have feature is support for replication: All companies have road-warriors, and those people must be able to access data on their laptop and replicate the changes to the server once they're back at the office. As far as I know, no open-source groupware projet currently supports so-called disconnected mode, making them totally useless in the real world. Reality check...

Otherwise, CD is definitely a killer app!!!!!!!!!


Frederic Faure
Friday, November 30, 2001

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