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VB program with C++ elements.

I have been a devout reader of Joel's webpage for... probably about six or seven months. I am in college as a double CIS/Applied Math major and I am looking into doing some independent programming. I have begun to mess around with Visual Basic and I am quite pleased at the results I have gotten.

Anyway, I was thinking of writing a Windows program that used Visual Basic for the interface, graphics, etc., but used C++ for all the computation. I have attempted to poke around the internet and dig up what I can, but my results have been fruitless. I have a rough idea - you need to program a DLL or a COM object - but Ive no idea exactly how to make that work.

If anybody can point me to some decent references, on the web or otherwise, I will be very thankful. I only started programming a few years ago, and I do not know much beyond C++ and a little Java. This is all new to me.

Joshua Fletcher
Thursday, November 29, 2001

Hi Joshua,

Check out the book "C++ for VB Programmers" by Jonathan Morrison:

You might want to complement this with a book specifically on VB (I'm a fan of Dan Fox's "Pure Visual Basic" as a good reference: )

hope this helps,


Michael Josephson
Thursday, November 29, 2001

Ugh, sorry. The Amazon link to see the details on Pure VB should be:

Michael Josephson
Thursday, November 29, 2001

Get "Developers Workshop to COM 3.0" from Andrew Troleson. ATL is the way to make lightwt, fast, com objects in C++ that work well with vb front end clients.

Can't say enough about this book. He will teach you the basics, of COM and ATL.  You will learn how to make the objects and drive them thru vb clients.

Tuesday, December 4, 2001

Thanks! These references are pretty much exactly what I am looking for. I really want to learn how to do this, as not only will it let me do what I want now, but I think it will give me a nice little feature set to add to my programmer's toolbox.

I dont want to delve deep, deep into ATL or COM, but I would like to learn a little bit about how to leverage their power to make solid VB/C++ programs.

Joshua Fletcher
Thursday, December 6, 2001

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