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What is so nice about VS.NET IDE

I saw lots of posts all over Usenet saying how good
the VS.NET IDE is.  How so?

The way I see it, it is short of the all too important
"Edit & Continue" feature.  Lots of incremental
improvement but not worth the sluggishness
associated with VS.NET.  What's your experience?

Amour Tan
Monday, July 29, 2002

Shut Up!

The Muffin Man
Monday, July 29, 2002

After using VS Pro for three months, I'm just about getting used to it. I imagine if you are coming from VS6 then its an improvement, but I still don't really feel at home.

Whats' so nice? The windows dock smoothly, and the command window is still cool. Debugging support seems solid, though occasionally the 'auto' window doesn't show everything relevant.  The integration of the .NET documentation into the IDE is pretty nifty and is a real timesaver. The smart indentation feature works very nicely.

Its hard to think of features in the IDE that stand out, as opposed to features from the .NET Framework and the C# programming lingo.

If you think that the job of a software tool is to 'disappear' from view when in use, then VS does a pretty poor job. It is still too much 'in your face' for me at the moment, though this might change as I become more used to it.

I turn off the code outlining - it just interferes with debugging.

I was pretty riled about the 'mummy knows best' way the IDE reorganised my source code files by copying them and leaving the originals in place, but for the time being I can live with them all being in the one directory and move them where I want them later.

The IDE could do a /lot/ more with the so-called 'Intellisense'. A huge alphabetical listing of everything that could possibly be in scope is far less useful than a list that starts with the innermost scope at the top and works out from that.

I wish there was a way of getting the IDE to understand other file types. Much of my work involves editing XML formats in files with odd extensions.

I miss the level of productivity that the Delphi IDE offers, especially combined with CodeRush. The VA offering from WholeTomato helps a bit, but not enough, yet.

Overall, 7/10.

Mark Smith (no attempt at humour this time!)
Monday, July 29, 2002

... and if you use VB.NET instead of C#, the IDE does a lot more with Intellisense. The background compiler is very, very nice to have.

Dave Rothgery
Monday, July 29, 2002

It is a nice environment.  But I hate the tabbed/MDI windows.  I also came over from Delphi.  With Delphi, the code and the form are in independent windows.  This allows the form to be placed on one monitor and the code in the other.  That was by far my favorite desktop arrangement.  With VS.NET, my second monitor only gtes used for the propery manager and the solution explorer. 

Has anyone come up with a better arrangement?  I've only been using VS.NET for about a week, so I'm probably missing something.

Scott Stonehouse
Tuesday, July 30, 2002

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