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Thursday, July 11, 2002

Pretty funny results, though.

"Cuándo La Prueba de Joel primero aparecido, uno de los lectores adoloridos más grandes de puntos informados tuvieron que hacer con escribir specs. Parece que specs está como flossing: todos saben que ellos los deben estar escribiendo, pero nadie hace."

"When the Joel Test first showed, one of the bigger hurted readers of informed points had to do with writing specs. Seems that specs are like flossing: everybody knows that them must be writing, but nobody does."

Yep, bigger hurted readers of informed points. Ouch.

Leonardo Herrera
Thursday, July 11, 2002

Always good for a laugh: English -> X -> English.
Works best if you try to read them out loud with the right accent.


When the Test of Joel first appeared, one of the readers adoloridos larger of points informed they had to do with writing specs.  It seems that specs is like flossing: all know that they should be writing him, but does nobody do. 


When it of first appeared, one of the painful big retrieved points had to do with writing specs.  It seems that specs is as flossing: everyone knows that they should write them, but person does not do. 


When the Joel test first appeared, must a reported reader of the largest sore points with letter Spez make.  It seems that Spez as well as flossing is white: each, that they should write it, but makes no one.


When the Joel dapprima is appeared, one of the large grievous points reported should do with writing specs.  It seems that the specs I am like the flossing: all knows that they should write, but responsibility does. 


When the Joel Quizs first appeared, an of the most greatest sore readers of tips informed has that do with specs of writing.  It looks that specs they are like flossing: everybody knows that they should be writing him, but does nobody do. 

Just me (Sir to you)
Thursday, July 11, 2002

Perhaps it would be more enlightening to take the translated pages, show them to someone who _hadn't_ seen the original articles, _then_ show them the original, and ask them whether the message they got from the two versions was similar. Alternatively show the originals to one group, the translated version to another group, and ask them to paraphrase. The we'd start learning something about how useful these online translators really are.


Adrian Gilby
Thursday, July 11, 2002

This all reminds me of Phillip K. Dick and the game he described in a novel (of which ashamedly I can't recall the title), of taking book titles in english, having them translated by a computer into Japanese and then back into English and trying to work out the original title.

Simon Lucy
Friday, July 12, 2002

> ask them whether the message they got from the two versions was similar

In English the title is "Painless Functional Specifications - Part 1: Why Bother?"

Their French translation of the title is "Bénin Fonctionnel Spécifications - Partie 1: Pourquoi Ennui?"

The message I get from the French version is "Benign Specifications which is Functional - Part 1: Why Boredom?"

So, I'd say "no".

Christopher Wells
Friday, July 12, 2002

From the French:

Functional Harmless Specification - Why Boredom?

When *The* first appeared, one of the big pain-inflicted items reported were obliged to do with hand-writing XXX. It seems that XXX is like YYY: everyone knows they should write them, but nobody do.

Why are people not going to write XXX? The people demand they'll save time by leapfrogging the phase which XXX-writing. They serve that if XXX-writing was a reservee for space-shuttle, or people who work, established confidence. ZZZ. At the very beginning, ship-wrecking writing a XXX is the only big useless risk you receive a software. It's also stupid that the setup of crossing the Mohave desert with only the clothes on your back, hoping it "to fly it". The engineers of programmers and software who plunge in the AAA without writer a XXX have tendency to think they are BBB fresh, the firing squad of the hip. They are not. They are horribly unproductive. They writer the bad AAA and produce the software  of CCC, and they menace their projects their risks by taking enormous which are completely DDD for.


Christopher Wells
Saturday, July 13, 2002

Cool game! Let's go! (yeah, bored at work...)

I only used the silly translations, so this is not representive.

Of the Sun the Ascents also.
The Mill in the Silk.
Sad House.
As I Put To Die.
High increase the carpenters of the beam of the roof.

Wow, it took me a long time to find a couple of funny examples. Machine translation has improved a lot! For truly funny results we'll need to switch to full sentences:

"It is a recognized truth universal that a single man in the possession of a good fortune must inside be wishes of a wife."

"It was low low, level, in the morning, being stopped four feet ten in a sock. It was Lola in comforts. It was car in the school. It was Dolores in the punteada line. But in my arms it was always Lolita."

"You rejoice will hear that no disaster has accompanied the beginning by a company that you have watched with such forebodings evil."

"We beat ignition so, the boats against the present one, taken behind incessantly in the past."

"If you really wish to hear speak he, the first thing that you will probably wish to know is where I was born, and like which lousy was my childhood, and how they occupied to my parents and all before they had to me, and all that class of David Copperfield of crap, but I it does not feel like entering he, if you wish to know the truth."

For extra bonus points, which intermediary language did I use?

Monday, July 15, 2002

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