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     THIS DISCUSSION GROUP IS MOVING! Joel Spolsky (Fog Creek) (0 comments)
     C code from C# Sarah (1)
     WinForms DataGrid hanging when clicked problem MikeG (0)
     Networking and Multithreading in .NET ... (2)
     What is the advantage of the C# ternary operator? Mark Flory (24)
     Defining a Web Service Virgil Hunt (0)
     Custom DataView for one-to-one relationship Tim Shults (5)
     windows programming for asian windows os adriana (0)
     ASP.NET app is slow at the first load Max (7)
     Client Certificates and .Net Web Service Clients Just Me (0)
     Update a website using a webservice Hey hey (0)
     Multithreading design question Paul Dix (10)
     Incorporating Text to Speech Capability in VB.Net Brice Richard (0)
     .NET 2003 IDE Slow Genx'er (6)
     Automatic Data Binding objects in WinForms Sam (2)
     Scripting .Net classes java refugee (4)
     Alphabetizing a Listbox Colm O'Connor (18)
     Excel Array Formula using C# Marcus (1)
     Commerce Server Li-fan Chen (0)
     How scriptable are Windows's insides? Mike B (1)
     Exporting to AS400 David Seruyange (3)
     good multi-threading examples Patrick, MCAD.NET (6)
     Enterprise Library - a few questions Li-fan Chen (2)
     .Net newbie Shane Carmichael (7)
     SmtpMail & MS Exchange Joe (1)
     Taking control of ASP .NET Lorenzo Bolognini (3)
     Loop dataset for minimum and maximum value Jonny (3)
     Problems Serializing Object Properties Joe Paradise (1)
     Indexers Rakesh Ranjan (2)
     Am I running under IIS? Sgt. Sausage (4)
     XsltArgumentList Parameter Problem crocked (1)
     Interprocess Communications MikeG (2)
     FLOSS shopping carts in C# Li-fan Chen (1)
     ASP.NET Custom COntrol Opinions GuyIncognito (2)
     ASP.NET: Page.ProcessRequest Phil (1)
     Create Cookie And Launch IE... Thanks! (4)
     GC and Timers Ian Glover (1)
     forcing an event Patrick (0)
     Coding For Errors David Seruyange (2)
     Generating Documentation David Seruyange (3)
     interview questions Patrick (2)
     Customizing PropertyGrid ann onymous (0)
     Discovering possible exceptions throw? plioi (8) Grid-layout mode Asbjorn Moen (4)
     Develop on WinXP, Deploy to Win2k Mark B (7)
     c# help disposing of COM server object instance grover (7)
     WMI & DNS... Normally Not Anonymous (0)
     Change background color of columns in a DataGrid tim (2)
     Good SQL Book recommendation Charles Reich (0)
     Book Recommendations for .Net Greg Cooper (6)
     (Semi-)Dynamic Typing with CLR 2.0 Generics? Phil (2)
     UML class diagrams Corporate Dork (4)
     CRUD and many to many table relations Andrés Villanueva (5)
     Printing document to LAN SMJ (4)
     90%+ CPU Usage...  :( mokka'logic (6)
     Deploying my .net widows forms app Scott (2)
     ASP.Net Course Floridian (4)
     .NET linker jurgen (1)
     Passing form handles between forms Karthik (2)
     SelectedIndex of DropDownList inside of a Repeater Hash550 (3)
     C# Exception Question Genx'er (8)
     Do ASP.Net Shops... Yoey (4)
     ASP.NET sayali narendra tatke (8)
     Return scope_identity Suthern (6)
     Alternate builds in .NET Kyralessa (4)
     Zero-impact NUnit Kyralessa (8)
     Great explanation of GC decisions Dennis Forbes (6)
     ASP.NET/Postback from javascript page (2)
     Data Bound Drop Downs in a Datagrid Footer. Aidan (3)
     Page reloads on autopostback after wait Stress (0)
     .NET Books and Stored Procedures WhereEverIRoam (18)
     VScrollBar: Am I missing something here? Jose Bueno (0)
     Embedded .NET on a WinSystems SBC Roger (0)
     Databind Arraylist to datagrid... Aidan (2)
     Detect whether a process has started running G_Zola (5)
     create a JScript VS.NET Project instead of jsc pete (0)
     Offline Mode Data Syncronization Best Approach mark duran (8)
     Execute functions in Base Page of a Page page (3)
     Idiotic ASP.NET problem duh (2)
     Automatic shutting down of windows xp G_Zola (3)
     Suppressing paint frank (6)
     Google Maps Link M Langille (6)
     Graphical modelling of Active Directory schema G_Zola (2)
     Very starnge  jumbled up error message david de la Peña (2)
     Using XmlDocument.ImportNode() and XmlNodeList pete (1)
     Safe conversion from arbitrary string to DateTime Max (0)
     ASP.NET : inserting HTML into response output ASP.NET loser (6)
     Composite Controls, Render and VS Designer Ken Ray (4)
     Tracing from web service Tracer (1)
     Jscript, moving from client-side to server-side (. Pete (1)
     .net runtime in Terminal Server environment John Murray (1)
     Does new Win 64 bit Pro have 64 bit CLR yet Gary A. Miller (6)
     re load phonebook yousuf m (1)
     File download in .NET shaan (5)
     Network disabled after installing VS2005 Beta2? Philip (1)
     "Not Responding" Message in Windows Form Applicati G_Zola (5)
     printing the calling method name : C# C# noob (5)
     Question on Microsoft Application Blocks Charles Reich (5)
     TechEd 2005 RSVP Code Drew Martin (0)
     monitor processes with WMI in .NET G_Zola (1)
     Framework Version Shane (2)
     .NET software solution Dan Hall (1)
     assembly problem with gac and reference grover (5)
     Retrieving attribute information from field Walt (4)
     Web References in Project Templates .Not (6)
     batch program Shrikanth Nelige (2)
     user control messing up submit button? ASP.NET loser (3)
     Java Jar Hell matt (14)
     ASP.NET presentation/business/data layer Colm O'Connor (6)
     ConnectionString with MSDE Case-Sensitive? mark duran (3)
     Standard Database format for phone numbers Suthern (6)
     Trace.Write from Custom Web Control Ken Ray (3)
     Newbie question on ASP.NET Forms Authentication Charles Reich (4)
     MSI Installer problem ... (1)
     O/R Mapping Sarah Sana (5)
     WSE encrypting element in SOAP message Daniel Hoechst (0)
     My Files aren't Caching :( Alistair (4)
     Form Location problem SS (2)
     Exception catching and JIT Kyralessa (5)
     Reading TopSpeed Datafiles without ODBC? Dennis Bottaro (2)
     resizing an image on a webform tim (3)
     VB.NET troubles Karthik (4)
     Beta 2 Dennis Forbes (6)
     ORM Sentiments David Seruyange (8)
     Stupid .net "security" trick? Chris F (8)
     Casting enumerations Mark B (3)
     Emailing PDF's MikeG (5)
     Enterprise ASP.NET book Patrick (2)
     VS 2005 Release? ASP.Net Noob (3)
     setting process permissions on xp pro not sure about .net (1)
     user control question mark (2)
     Weird SQL Server Performance Mark B (9)
     Visual studio tip Colm O'Connor (7)
     Dim strX as string gets old values! Harry McBain (10)
     swap function in c# Jason (3)
     Database wrapper / stored procedure call generator The Dotnet User (13)
     use a separate database for outlook plugin? programmer 17 (0)
     MDI child SS (2)
     how can i create a Folder programatically with c# Umakanth Nelige (1)
     windows forms datagrid control links? Patrick (2)
     How to validate all controls in Win forms? MikeG (4)
     Reload app.config file without restarting app Mark B (3)
     forms authentication problem mark (1)
     Web Service connections Rich Lee (2)
     Suppressing a Controls z-order change Tayler (0)
     Common Dialog Boxes using ASP.NET Not a Guru (1)
     Combile DLL and EXE files? dotnet_nam (5)
     Multiple Instances of a DLL... Javier P. (0)
     .NET and Linux Steve (15)
     Embedding a form onto a panel? C# Newbie (3)
     Caching user controls Colm O'Connor (5)
     VS 2005 TableLayoutPanel matt (3)
     Deploying an Application and Web Application Ric (4)
     DataGrid and paging - odd behaviour moron (0)
     Wrapping exceptions & Debugging ASP.NET Charles Reich (2)
     CAO SS (0)
     Reloading .NET Assembly in Internet Explorer Michael (1)
     Stopping Visual Studio From Reformatting HTML Ken Ray (5)
     Displaying Hierarchical Data Hash550 (4)
     The future of Win32 Savas Alparslan (9)
     VB.NET and VBA William Rayer (10)
     VS.NET .suo and .user files AMS (5)
     Properties vs. fields Elamaton (15)
     advanced .net gui programming adriana (5)
     Unable to create/edit Views, Tables..  from VS .N Queryanalyzer (1) Unleashed Uma (3)
     Datagrid control bug Joel Coehoorn (5)
     Is there a better way to do this? Jose Bueno (4)
     IIS security settings Colm O'Connor (1)
     unique url for each customer mark (5)
     SqlCommand.ExecuteNonQuery Bug or user error? Chris F (11)
     Creating scheduled tasks with C#? Duff (5)
     Collections Framework Equivalent in .NET anon (2)
     Response.Write in custom class Jen (6)
     unicode of a character.. Amritpal (1)
     Once again - Why .NET (elevator version)? Mitch & Murray (from downtown) (13)
     what's better to navigate pages? webnav (1)
     VS.NET Academic Version Code Samples Charles Reich (0)
     set up .net software Yan Liu (1)
     Article on why Fog Creek doesn't use .NET? flipdoubt (13)
     CSS Class Don Price (1)
     Longest Common Substring code James F (2)
     firing event in a user control usercontrolled! (4)
     Complete Newbie - ASP.NET, Parser Error Berlin Brown (4)
     VS cannot debug ASP pages, or load them at RT uri netanel (0)
     Launch browsers from .net Jen.. (2)
     Image in crystal report Jamil Salah Uddin (4)
     Can't update database from dataset dblost (7)
     Please help with user controls/param passing! n (2)
     .NET Content Management Josh (5)
     windows.forms NTauthentication (not user.identity) Roger (2)
     Is anyone doing anything HARD with .NET? Tommie Nygren (9)
     Any Good Dot Net Code Behind Editors Besides VS? Tim Smallwood (4)
     ASP.NET Web Project Frustration! Vince (10)
     Product using MSDE and Reporting Services? Max (3)
     Calling a site from console app Trisha (2)
     Calling VC++ From VB.NET Mark Jerde (2)
     VS.NET - using host headers for testing URL Sonofa... (2)
     .Net Obfuscators Faraz (11)
     .NET Web apps, load balancing, and network shares Jacob's Ladder (0)
     Reporting tool CSoftware (2)
     Help - Server Control Hierarchy Built Twice dasein fiasco (3)
     Embed ASP.Net in Winforms ASP.Net Noob (5)
     HttpRequestValidationException in ASP.NET Dan L. Henning (1)
     Embedding assemblies? dotnet (1)
     .NET multiple database connections Michael H. Pryor (Fog Creek) (5)
     Object Persistence...(to a database) GiorgioG (6)
     String encrypt/decrypt Sam (3)
     Can't create Web applications Sathyaish Chakravarthy (5)
     memory mapping in .NET? Falcon (1)
     Copying files from a network resource Tharsan (5)
     ARGH! Stop Formatting my code!!! Vince (14)
     Reading XMl SS (2)
     Mail and Undeliverables Steve (0)
     POP3 mail programming in .net Tania (4)
     Store settings in object for easy save/loading? Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (6)
     Migrate Vb6 app to .net Migrate to .net (7)
     Why can't you cast DBNull to string? Colm (8)
     How to view ancestor methods & properties? Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (2)
     Displaying contents of output cache Rock G. (4)
     DirectoryServices Assembly bw (2)
     2003 Server Explorer Event Logs Error Genx'er (1)
     OnEventName Procedures Joe Paradise (3)
     .NET Quality Assurance and Testing D. Clements (4)
     Looking for documentation examples jfm424 (6)
     More on dynamically-added controls Chris F (4)
     Initiating Assembly SS (5)
     ServicePointManger - https/proxy problem David (3)
     Identifying who is accessing a remote object slaphead (1)
     WebClient Sathyaish Chakravarthy (2)
     To get the XML out of a TreeView control Sunny Rowe (1)
     Re-setting controls on a web form Aidan (3)
     Gracefully handle expired session state hash550 (6)
     How to handle events for dynamically-added control Chris F (2)
     Custom WebControls with Collection property Gee (1) Sara (6)
     Understanding enums BradC (5)
     2 questions on ADO.NET and Dispose Charles Reich (7)
     Multiple file uploads Aidan (6)
     dotNet web Component for MS Project limbus (0)
     LDAP problems Colm (5)
     Identifying unmanaged exceptions in managed code Bill Press (3)
     .NET versus J2EE / help me remove the evangelism Danny Mollan (6)
     .NET sandboxing .NET Pundit (3)
     If .Net 1 & 1.1 installed which is used? Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (4)
     How to send data to remote web server? Mike (7)
     .Net equivalent to ProgID MikeG (2)
     Getting started with VB .Net Troy McClure (9)
     Debugging and Tracing Sheeshers ( ) (7)
     Assembly Name SS (3)
     Interface & Class Royald (10)
     Profiling websites Aidan (5)
     What are the practical benefits of REFLECTION? Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (9)
     Web Services Mike McGrath (7)
     _ATL_OLEDB_CONFORMANCE_TESTS Upgrading_Knowledge_to_DotNet (0)
     large viewstate when using checkbox in datagrid wens_yao (3)
     Smart Clients Steve (4)
     Code Behind Pages ,..., (8)
     Grid Eli Golovinsky (4)
     Get DIV properties on server side. smallbiz (5)
     Assembly.GetEntryAssembly(); SS (1)
     Not Enjoying ASP.Net ASP.Net Noob (8)
     .net Application causing Keyboard Repeat Rate = 0? Joem (0)
     MS Excel as a Datasource Am I crazy? (4)
     View State Vindy (5)
     Experience with .net desktop speech: SAPI 5.1 ? Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (0)
     Exerience .Net projects (2002-03, etc.) Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (5)
     Horizontal movable grid AnonForThis (6)
     Querying Active Directory takes an age C O'Connor (8)
     Quickie question on exceptions in C# AMS (11)
     VB.Net and the Excel 97 COM object Murg (3)
     Weird focus problems with TreeView Karthik (4)
     Building a "rolling" number SP in MS-SQL Mike (14)
     Non-stop and highly concurrent requirments Li-fan chen (3)
     Whidbey and Managed Direct3d Manuel Baumann (2)
     ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded Greg (8)
     Porting VB ASP.Net program to new server Gary Miller (5)
     SQL IN statement with > 255 members Greg (8)
     Visual Inheritance? Joe Paradise (6)
     Compile a httpmodule as a .dll Hash550 (3)
     fatal error - #using failed on dhcpsapi.lib Geoff (1)
     Unicode find/replace without MS com objects? Z.E.T. (0)
     Windows forms does not like data binding Franklin (1)
     Inheriting from existing windows control? Mr. Analogy {Shrinkwrap ISV Owner} (2)
     COM Objects with .NET Sathyaish Chakravarthy (1)
     Please help! URGENT! Sathyaish Chakravarthy (3)
     Declaring a static function in Mike (3)
     Getting HTTP Status Code from the HTTP header Water Cooler v2 (0)
     Assembly Info Sathyaish Chakravarthy (1)
     Does Visual Studio support ODBC / MySQL? Franklin (4)
     What kind of collection am I looking for? Kyralessa (10)
     Cassini moron (1)
     Passing a reference to Form1 into Form2 Stan Anderson (2)
     choose which '.net' tool, how?? tom lyczko (3)
     Lifespan static members Geert-Jan Thomas (6)
     Whats up with .NET Scripting and vsa? Karel (3)
     Object.Equals Kyralessa (12)
     .net hosting w/ Office lib seems rare.. ZET (4)
     Interop with Office, compatibility? ZET (3)
     Signed but not encrypted Li-fan chen (0)
     How can MS use .net since it's not compliled? Mr. Analogy {ISV owner} (10)
     Leo Kushnir Leo Kushnir (1)
     Advice on developing IE toolbar with C++ Neil Gunton (5)
     Google Suggest for dictionary Gavi Narra (5)
     .NET over Symbian devices Gideon Kohn (1)
     Subclassing datasets drowning in data (2)
     How to count GDI handles in .NET windows app Vidit Mathur (5)
     Cookies from localhost Vs Url Samantha (4)
     Good book on Windows Forms with .Net Tony Edgecombe (5)
     Some simple questions karthik (3)
     J2mE Matt Watson (2)
     Javascript Encoding HTML Friendly David Seruyange (3)
     automated file upload benoy narayanan (6)
     Buggy XML Parsing David Seruyange (3)
     String value reference identity crisis tjk (2)
     Javascript Regex Question David Seruyange (3)
     Rendering HTML Once Per Group of Controls... smallbiz (2)
     Member Management Component --- Compatibility Dan L Henning (1)
     ASP.NET Reporting... Peter (6)
     Changing a textbox on form1 from form2 Stan Anderson (5)
     rendering datagrid to HTMLTextWriter MW (1)
     Multiple Forms Stan Anderson (3)
     access ASP.NET sub domains in url Dan L Henning (1)
     VS keyboard shortcuts and frustrations BradC (5)
     Localization... smallbiz (1)
     File monitoring Raghavendra Mavanthoor (1)
     Dot Net project Ideas Upgrading_Knowledge_to_DotNet (1)
     multiple web services single dataset Roger White (1)
     The License Mine field. Carl Heighington (1)
     borderless form removes system function Brandon Wallace (3)
     Testing a ".NET" application... need to know? bruce (6)
     Configuration Management Application Block Sunny (0)
     Control Suite Ewan's Dad (4)
     @@Identity in Transactions Joe Paradise (5)
     nightly build in .net? Steve Cooper (3)
     Error When Copying from Clipboard to PowerPoint sl Ajay Abraham (0)
     Mono on Solaris Max Harris (1)
     SMTP clients? ? (6)
     Memory Footprint Eric Smith (2)
     How to store logon information amal (1)
     DataAdapter Update and unchanging PKs Kyralessa (1)
     ConfigurationSettings.GetConfig Eldo (4)
     Matrix on a table Biologist (1)
     ASP .Net application through a Linksys firewall Gary Miller (1)
     Oracle hosting. Geddam Chaitanya Rao (4)
     Caching in a Windows Form app Jason (1)
     Problem in FTP connection behind proxy Philippe arnaud (1)
     Hi friends facing problem in Jagjeet Singh (3)
     DataRow Vs DataSet Pete (14)
     Panels Framesets IFrames Or GOD? EM (2)
     VS Project References Joe Paradise (9) passport removal douglas Harrison (2)
     Like Operator Bekky George (5)
     ASP.NET Tyler Maudlin (9)
     exam 70-315 and transcender ch (6)
     a good book or website for .NET Uma (6)
     Form inside control Goba (6)
     Break to debugger... "__asm int 3;" for C# ??? Zumbas (1)
     SOAPAction for web services - interoperability Bryan Jonker (4)
     ASP.NET pages on server unavailable? BradC (11)
     Find/Replace character in unicode do at byte level hr.macintosh (3)
     Recommend an open source ORM for .Net Gerald (3)
     bool bug: unmanaged to managed improper mashalling Sarfaraz Killedar (2)
     Derive from TreeNode class and serialization Jurgen (4)
     Knoppix+Mono=Monoppix iLoveLeTeePetit (2)
     Creating methods Augie0216 (3)
     Disconneted dataset example John (4)
     How to pass C# variable to HTML code Zindagi (2)
     Monitor connection pool... smallbiz (2)
     Which distro to "go Mono" ? iLoveLeTeePetit (12)
     activex and .net Jon (4)
     How to customize Datagrid Jayant (5)
     frozen page header in grover (7)
     all page security with a cookie mohammad hosein amini (2)
     First time using ASP.Net fufu (8)
     unterminated string error grover (5)
     Specified cast is not valid.!!!! Nitu singh (8)
     how to develop a discussion forum in jigar (4)
     Creating Strongly Typed DS via Properties Window Patrick (2)
     fixed column in datagrid grover (0)
     Error!!! continued..... Nitu singh (2)
     IIS error page from HttpModule? Greg Hurlman (1)
     Error!!! Nitu singh (5)
     Comments on using postgreSql or sqlite? iLoveLeTeePetit (5)
     uh oh Pete (0)
     database connection pool amal (2)
     Error due to Casting in the code!! Nitu singh (2)
     Got an error while Saving a record!! Nitu singh (3)
     debugger problem 2003 grover (4)
     RT performance & .NET ilan sinai (0)
     Running VB6 application as a ASP.NET application Dolphus Pereira (3)
     derived form class for c# compact framework Lewis (1)
     SuspendLayout and ResumeLayout Charles Reich (0)
     Very odd Windows Form behavior - what could it be? --Josh (3)
     Bamboo.Prevalence & Prevayler - Fact or Ficton nick katsivelos (1)
     Converstion of Oracle 1 data to SQL Steve W (2)
     No const objects Christopher Wells (10)
     ASP.NET Best Practices? PJ (5)
     Another CodeDom Question Aaron F Stanton (7)
     How to load words from a Word doc in C# sergio (3)
     Getting HTML output from ASP.NET Page... smallbiz (6)
     Anyone used or Mono? Mr.Analogy (Shrinkwrap ISV company owner) (3)
     Best book for VB6 programmer learning Mr.Analogy (Shrinkwrap ISV company owner) (3)
     Anyone using THINSTALL for .net? Mr.Analogy (Shrinkwrap ISV company owner) (2)
     ODBC CONNECTION major problem grover (2)
     Reflection andthe parameterless struct constructor masharpe (2)
     Bean == ? NetFreak (2)
     CodeDom Question Aaron F Stanton (4)
     AppDomain Unload Ken K (0)
     Where to store SQL query text Ad Timmering (16)
     user control with javascript menu  ( grover (5)
     .net email questions Mike Grace (4)
     Build macros for C# projects? David (8)
     WinInet questions Kris (2)
     how to loop through SQL inserts? PopCulture (8)
     ASP.NET deployment question David (2)
     Anyone goingo Mono ? Ricardo Antunes da Costa (8)
     anyone use dreamweaver for dev? grover (5)
     No RSS feed for the .net forum? iLoveLeTeePetit (4)
     Interop problem Brett O'Callaghan (2)
     Date Format Not a Guru (3)
     custom control derived from checkboxlist Roger (1)
     Understanding errors in late-bound functions comp.lang.c refugee (2)
     Visual basic .net Rohit Kumar (1)
     trim function SK (4)
     I cant run the HelloWorld tutorial!!! David101 (3)
     ASP.NET custom forms authentication David (2)
     Generate Code against Your own Database With TD Qurrat Mahmood (1)
     overlaying text in the foreground DWilliams (0)
     What's your .NET programming philosophy? SongSing Writer (16)
     Retrieving OLE Objects From MS Access Dagobert (1)
     Treeview to xml and vice versa Jurgen (1)
     WYSIWYG HTML editor component? Kris (12)
     ASP.NET Tree Control with Checkboxes Roger (1)
     Tabbed Daty Entry Question... += (2)
     DataGrid NetFreak (3)
     Office Conversion Components in .NET/COM? Kris (0)
     Internationalization: not loading resource dlls mb (1)
     Josh Bloch NetFreak (3)
     Really easy C#/WEb Service questions William Campbell (8)
     Reliably using FindWindow? Kris (2)
     Nunit - Has anybody used it? ShyK (10)
     .Net Apps can't find System.Windows.Forms? GD ( (1)
     Tab Moving NetFreak (3), need help-source code tupai (2)
     task schedular to access email every x minutes Jacob (2)
     C#, cast to decimal fails AMS (5)
     WebControls and IStateManager Fic (0)
     how to edit a video file in sreedhar (1)
     sending an email in .NET bh (2)
     ANN: VistaDB 2.0 (RC3) data engine for .NET now av Anthony Carrabino (0)
     Anyone use SharpLibrary WinForm controls? Viper (1)
     [Newbie] Added-value of .Net? Fred (9)
     Internet Explorer Web Controls N. Browne (8)
     Transitioning from VB to C# tjk (4)
     IRC Client freezing up Jerome Gagner (1)
     Paterns and design Ravikumar (1)
     Deploy dll's - throws error Ben R (2)
     Editors .NET Neophyte (5)
     .net performance tuning surya narayana murty (3)
     Array or...? .NET Neophyte (5)
     Command Line Build with .NET Greg (5)
     Calendar control Newbie (2)
     .NET Remoting Greg Tomkins (10)
     ?Borland C++ to C# translator? Ronaldo 9 (2)
     Crystal reports and visual studio.NET Karthik  (1)
     Data Access Layer fb (3)
     teach yourself in 21 days code ahmed serag (1)
     what has joel got to do with .net Joel 2 (20)
     Garbage Collection Harold Ship (3)
     OLEDB Truncates CSV Columns to 255 Chars? Captain McFly (4)
     WinForms inadequate for large applications? Oren (5)
     Speedy UIs Li-fan Chen (2)
     C# integration with PHP Li-fan Chen (2)
     Custom Controls Children David Seruyange (2)
     Just starting w/ ASP.NET - IDE questions Bored Bystander (2)
     Strong Names Blues Stephan H. Wissel (2)
     Build Date Jason (3) anyone ? john (5)
     Microsoft, stop screwing with my HTML! Argh! (9)
     PIA version problem BillT (2)
     Develop Quick .Net Application Using TierDeveloper Qurrat Mahmood (2)
     Design Documentation Of Dynamic Behavior Jessica Boxer (4)
     Laptop backup Lee (3)
     Object Creation SK (4)
     slow databinding? nonUniq (1)
     string collection or arraylist SK (4)
     Database query question Roger (4)
     Class Name SK (4)
     File.GetCreationTime SK (3)
     OOP help... Brad Corbin (3)
     open source projects besides sourceforge Patrick (1)
     Displaying object value in tooltip while debugging Geert-Jan Thomas (0)
     Boxing SK (4)
     .NET and Office 2000 Andrew Burton (1)
     Sql Server 2000 Linked Server (oracle) problem Steve W (1)
     Best Way to Insert Data query (2)
     Digital Signage Software Garett (1)
     Excel object persisting SK (5)
     VS Automation sadness/insanity Greg Hurlman (3)
     Don't make up words that soud high-tech Master of the local village. (0)
     Throwing Exception SK (4)
     How can I get windows user list in Yasir Ghauri (3)
     Web application security problems Kris (4)
     .msi installer options comparison? Jason (2) code behind snake (1)
     Performance SK (4)
     Fastest way to create an XML Document? mb (5)
     Fire ItemCommand in code? += (3)
     adding aspx controls to asp page DeePills (3)
     Date Format SK (4)
     WMI Performance Counters AA (0)
     Dllimport call - aspnet application hangs Ram (1)
     Shrinkster Li-fan Chen (4)
     Command Arguments SK (2)
     Is supporting Multiple language can be a solid.. Thina Kesavan (0)
     Database driven Web application Ram (3)
     why is C# such -and continues to be - such a joke? Satan (10)
     ,NET Remoting vs. web services tjk (4)
     C++ to C# migration tool Debashish Mishra (0)
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