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DirectX 9

Well. It's here, and it's got some nice levels of support for managed code. Anyone played with it yet? I have to say I coded a simple media player which previously took me an afternoon drilling down to DX8 from c#, in about 10 mins.

Cool, but rather upsetting in a way ;). Is anyone here using DirectX for anything serious? I haven't noticed us having any games programmers on here (not that that's all it's good for of course), but I doubt they'd be even cnsidering .NET anyway.

Andrew Cherry
Monday, December 23, 2002

I think the DX9 support for C# is great, but I wouldn't expect game developers to embrace it to any great extent for shipping commercial games, for the following reasons:

+ Game devs are very comfortable with C/C++.
+ 3D games tend to be CPU-limited.
- C# is not well supported on game consoles.
- Garbage collection can cause annoying pauses during gameplay.

Similar existing products have largely been ignored by game developers.  DirectX 7 and up has had Visual Basic support, but that hasn't been used much. I think maybe it was used for some game editors, but not for actual games.

Similarly, I think very few 3D Java games have been developed, even though Java3D has been around for quite some time.

Anonymous game developer
Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Yes agreed. I've spent a bit of time with Java3d too. Although I do remember some project being advertised where major studios (sony were mentioned I believe) were wokring on ways of making it feasibly quick...

Andrew Cherry
Tuesday, December 24, 2002

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